Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Being part of the routine of my retired life, that day too after my morning walk as I settled for a while at a small Restaurant for my favorite cup of morning tea, my ears unconsciously were lent to the then conversation going on between the Manager and the Waiter when a visitor asked for 2 specific dishes..
  • "Is..... available? Our Customer wants!" 
  • "Not available!" 
  • "OK! Is..... available?" 
  • "No.. Not available!" 
As the visitor finally settled with the next available item, the Manager was heard softly correcting the Waiter..
  • "Dear! Don't ever say in front of our Customer 'Not available!' The right answer is 'It's just over!'; that's it!" 
For a minute I got a doubt how it mattered on what the Waiter had said but the next moment it struck me... "Yes.. There's a sea of difference here..
  • One showing off a casual behavior but the other depicting a caring but helpless attitude as the item prepared was too delicious! 
As I started sipping my tea, suddenly I was taken back to the memories of my 38 yrs of work life where in the Client interactions that were heard and took place were seen moving thru' my mind afresh..
  • "Have you spoken to our Customer on phone? Yaar! In this Company the Chief Executive/CEO alone can do that.. Right now go, meet him and say sorry for that.. And here after never do this mistake at any time.. Okay?" 
  • "You want your GM's permission to come to my place? No problem.. Be prepared to be in my Office in the next half hr!" 
  • "I expect you to be witness for the verbal argument that took place between myself and your other Customer in this meeting.. My people make a detailed report and bring it to you for your signature!" 
  • "You were witness to the verbal fight that took place in the meeting and you only manage that.. I may be your Boss but I don't want to get involved here!" 
  • "You came to the meeting to tell that your deliveries would be delayed? Right now go out, talk to your GM on phone and if you don't get an answer you need not come back.. Your CEO will make you give that answer!" 
  • "Dear! The Customer wants the item be working 100% to his satisfaction right now.. Just send it to him, forget about the lapses you noticed in it and pray to God.. If that passes thru', we are saved.. But right now, if you quote the deficiency that needs correction from your side, no issue but from tomorrow on wards you will sure be searching for your next job!" 
And at the back of those never fading memories, I could equally recollect how the importance of Customer had grown in my eyes starting from the initial concept that
  • The Customer is an important person in our premises.. 
thru' the stages that
  • The Customer is not just the important person but a VIP too in our Premises.. 
  • The Customer is not just a VIP but indirectly a King too in our Premises.. 
  • The Customer is truly a King in our Premises.. 
  • The Customer is not just a King, but some times more than a King too in our Premises.. 
  • Forget about more than a King, the Customer sometimes is like the God in our Premises.. 
And finally tapering up to the ultimate that
  • The Customer is none but just the other God in our Premises!
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