Sunday, June 5, 2016


Let me do my daily 'Morning Prayer' remembering that

The Highest Worship of God is forever sincerely respecting His Creation and the Order in His Creation and act to the best of my abilities every sec of the day to protect my Environment.. 

Whenever I succeed, His Message for me is, 'Help others through your success' and do this help around at a decent level of my social and living status in the world.. 

Believing in Him is ever associated with myself believing people of course with an equal care and live with that attitude as much as possible in my day.. 

His Infinite Plans cannot be controlled by a few limited finite actions of mine at any point of time and keep my tranquility and calmness as I push thru' problems of my life.. 

He always has His Greater Plans for me and remain humble behind all my activities of the day to the max extent feasible.. 

He goes on giving tests for me if I have a capacity to face the situation and rise to the occasion and attend to the problems in front to the best of my capacities.. 

He sooner or later gives me a hit and shows the Way when I deviate from my duty uncontrolled and never allow myself fall a prey to easy ways and alluring entities around.. 

A protective attitude can never take me to Him; instead, Surrender alone does that and do my job to the best of my abilities leaving off the anxiety part involved there in.. 

I just do my duty, He does the rest and remain calm and tranquil for the whole day and 

The Almighty never said to me not to Worship the Other Gods and taking a cue from this and remembering the discipline I maintained for the whole day, 

Close my day with a 'Bed Time Prayer' extending unfailing love towards humanity in my heart!

Keywords: Prayer, worship, love, duty, surrender, tranquility


  1. Love towards Nature, an extension of love towards humanity. Very nice read, Sir!

    1. Thanks Priyanka.. True Prayer basically should wish for my good and in parallel for the good of the world too which is indirectly my added mental strength.. The Post talks on this in total.. Happy to have such a good appreciative comment here!