Friday, June 17, 2016


A young man was disturbed beyond at Home, in Office and in the Neighborhood by hearing oft spoken complaints from there..

At Home..

“Of late, you are not all caring for us and beyond rebuke us for asking something.. What had happened to you all of a sudden? You look different, talk different and behave different and we feel........!"

At Office..

"What had happened to you man, you are getting into problems everywhere? Anything wrong?  You see, this is Office and unless you become attentive and show a certain care here...........!"

In the Neighborhood..

"He does not know how to talk to people and make friends. Interact with him a bit close, that's it, you'll know the next moment.. Does this man know at all that we as neighbors living at one place have got to interact at a decent level and...........?"

And his reaction too for all that said and heard..

“Am trying to do my best everywhere but still I'm targeted. Others never understand that there's a limit to everything and simply expect the Moon. Can't I have my own way for a while?”

Soon that touched a limit, he could no more hold it to himself and one fine day disclosed his feelings to an elderly well wisher, a man of deep Wisdom. The elderly listened to the young man in depth, was silent for a while and said, 

“Dear! Why not we both first go to our temple, Pray to God and come back. That’s a good start for any solution!”

The young man was happy and they soon walked to their temple and as they were in the midst of offering their heart felt Prayers to the Lord they heard 
Sloka 44 Chapter XI of Srimad Bhagavad Gita being recited in low tone in the premises with the meaning explained by the side. After seeing His Enchanting Viswaroopam, Prince Arjuna bows down to Lord Krishna and says

'Tasmat pranamya pranidhaya kayam
Prasadaye tvam aham isam idyam
Piteva putrsya sakheva sakhyuh
Priyah priyayarhasi deva sodhum'

'Therefore, bowing down, prostrating my body, I crave thy forgiveness O adorable Lord. As a father (guardian) forgives the son (ward), a friend the (dear) friend, as a lover the beloved, even so shouldst thou forgive me O God!'

Finishing their Prayer, as they came out the elderly smiled and said, 

"Dear! Thru' the famous Sloka you heard just now while in Temple, Prince Arjuna, the highly evolved Disciple of Lord Krishna too compared the All Lovable Care of Lord to that of a devoted Father (Guardian), a true Friend (Colleague or Neighbor) or a faithful Lover (Partner) making it crystal clear the Ever Sacred Responsibilities attached to us to perform as we live thru' these Roles in our life..

At this moment, are you really prepared to do these Sacred Jobs with you in the best possible way by sincerely taking the day to day feedback from your people thru' what they say or just ready to run away the earliest from the single situation that comes up looking it as a burden thru' the oft repeated excuse 

'Others never understand that there is a limit to everything and simply expect the Moon!'?

Tell me frankly.. The ball is in whose Court presently?"

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  1. Very wise! But it's unfortunate that people around you - be it family or friends start taking advantage of you are the giving types. Isn't it sir?

    1. I got your point, Archana.. But the Superior task with me forever is to be ready to do the unwritten duty of mine towards the people with me all along keeping in mind that equally to be alert in protecting me from any undue advantage of the situation too forms the simultaneous duty with me.. Thus taking care overall alone is the true right path here, anything less I may adapt due to excess fear or force of habit but the moment I become aware of that, humbly back to right alone is the true way of living this life.. Thanks for the very appropriate point raised here and hope I clarified the same.. Best Wishes!

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    1. Thanks Shraddha.. Love the comment!

    2. And equally thanks for share of the Post on G+!

  3. Well written ! Very wise indeed.

    1. That's nice of you to say so, Ashween.. Happy over the comment.. Thanks a lot!

  4. We live for others. But we don't live based on the perception of others. Well written article