Wednesday, June 29, 2016


It was 7 PM evening hrs.. As the top businessman of the town looked through the huge tinted glass by his side from the 11th floor of the posh hotel relaxing himself in the cushioned sofa, he could notice down the other side of the road, a man of his age slowly packing all that he had spread out for the day for his business. Having finished the packing and securing everything, he started moving homewards..
The businessman observed him till he walked to the end of the street which was pretty long. There the man turned left and had gone out of sight but in about 10 minutes, where the distant road was clearly visible, the man re-appeared there and was seen walking. After another 5 minutes of walk, he made another turn and totally disappeared!

The wealthy man pondered over,

  • “This man had to struggle the whole day under sun and rain, cold and heat, dirt and dust, sell his only skill with him and make his small living for the day walking back home all the way after his work. The next day the routine again starts, his customers would be there in the morning and for that he had to set up his shop much earlier starting from home in the dark hrs of morning..
  • His entire life goes thus with almost no holiday. There's no charm in his life and he is destined to lead that life alone..
  • Compared to him, I've total freedom at work when I go to my office, look at things and pay attention as per need. My life has its own extra comfort. And my holidays too are at my wish. For any travel, I needn't put my foot down and every movement is taken care of. The money with me as well as my special skill do the trick here and they are with me today. And the man right in front of me does not have all that.. What a pity!"
Soon it was time for him to go for the business dinner arranged in another hotel. He attended the same in time that went on till late night at the back of serious business discussions and he was dropped to his hotel around mid night.. Further, he spent some time reading on the then business affairs and went to bed around 1 PM.
  • It was 0530 AM.. The twilight was seen in the eastern sky. The gentleman got up from bed with certain uneasiness. He somehow felt that it was not normal and as his thoughts ran deep it soon
Appeared to be the tough day of no escape in front!

Worried and tensed up, he called up the hotel Authorities and in no time he had to leave his room and in the process, just happened to have a glance through the tinted glass..
  • The man on the road was already back to his work, with his load and bag and was busily arranging the items with a cover above as it started drizzling with intermittent gusts of winds and it soon
Appeared to be the tough day of no escape(?) in front!

Keywords: Holy Heavens, tough day, final directive

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