Wednesday, July 6, 2016


A rich man with 2 grown up settled sons wanted to write the ‘Will’ for distribution of his wealth after his departure.. He had a problem there and in that context visited a nearby Monastery to seek advice and said to the Head..

“Reverend Sir! I'd like to write a reasonable percentage of my wealth for charity before dividing the same among my 2 sons in my Will!"

"Do it without a second thought!"

said the Head.. The rich man felt lighter at his heart for the Great Man concurring with his proposal and continued..

"My 1st son settled in his life with a good business.. But he doesn't pay attention to me and contrary to my advice is getting into certain wrong business deals..

My 2nd son is a modest person with limited capacities and finances.. But he manages well and leads an optimum life with his earnings.. And he takes care of me without an issue..

At my heart, I feel like giving a little more to my 2nd son as he truly deserves that and also needs that.. Is this Okay? Kindly guide me on this!"

"Out of the balance wealth after charity, straight away give half to your 2nd son!"

confirmed the Head.. The rich man was highly delighted for getting support to his thinking there too.. The Head continued..

"Out of the remaining half…. Give the whole to your 1st son!"

The rich man got wondered at the Head's words as He specially did not say much about the fair distribution of his balance wealth.. The Great Man smiled and said,

“My dear! Your 2nd son is truly disciplined, works hard and takes care of you well and that's why I spoke of him first on his right over half of your property..

Your other son is a little careless in handling monies and is equally neglecting his duties towards you.. To stress that alone I spoke with less importance his case..

At a later date even though it's equal distribution, the share looks precious for the younger because he is truly satisfied in life with 'small'..

By that time, the elder in case gets into financial problems due to his indiscipline, there your half money truly comes to his rescue and helps him recover!” 

The rich man had a small doubt there..

"Reverend Sir! In case my eldest continues his behavior and life style the same, how is it right to do this way?"

he asked.. The Head smiled and said,

"He is your dear son and if he is without a problem whatever he may do with the monies given to him within law boundaries, are you not happy at your heart indirectly?"

The Great personality concluded..

"‘Equal distribution among the Eligible’ is Mother Nature’s Principle and our Original Mother never makes us unhappy in our life by defining ‘The Eligible’ in an unequal way at any point of time!"

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  1. A dilemma which occurs sometimes but the same has been solved in this post by your creative art of writing. :-)

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  2. Great way to explain the point on eligible. Reverend gave a logical explanation to whom deserves and why.

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