Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The Aircraft started descending with 'Fasten Seat Belt' Sign on followed by the landing preparations by the crew members.. As the Airplane entered a cluster of thick clouds during the decent, a jolt of not a lesser intensity shook the plane all of a sudden making the rear seated passengers shaken up a bit.. It was just a few minutes of tension and confusion as the morbid fear took over the 3 friends seated in one of the rear seats.. 

"Lord! You are the Supreme and all Powerful.. I am nothing but a speck in your Creation.. You alone can save me at this moment!" 
were the instant words of Silent Prayer of one of them in his heart.. 

"That's the fate of so called charming life in front of us which can become nothing the next moment! All our ambitions are truly meaningless!" 
were the words of Philosophy from the 2nd one.. 

“Somewhere, something is over looked and the rules are bypassed.. Else why will this happen?” 
were the words of murmurs from the 3rd friend..


Soon the Aircraft landed safely and in a short time, the 3 friends out of the Airport decided to move to a nearby Restaurant for coffee and then part.. 

“Friends! It seems we're through our pending litigation.. And to tell you frankly, it's totally my plan and my effort that really helped here to get thru'!” 
said the 1st friend with a beaming face after a brief phone call.. 

“Oh! Is it? Then we'll have good money in our Accounts and can expand our Business.. This's really called 'The Life!'” 
reacted the second one to the news with a big smile..

“At one stroke am relieved of many financial tensions.. Between us.. Look to a side for a while, huge monies are yours the next moment.. Great!”
followed the 3rd man's comment at the back of a mischievous smile!

Keywords: Aircraft, Lord, money, save, moment, next moment, bypassed


  1. So Apt and ironical .... the moment we are saved its all ME, My efforts , MY idea.... no pity for those who suffered...
    wonder if there's no such place as I imagined here -


    1. Thanks for the very right Comment of the context....

  2. First one a believer, the second a philospher and the third a pragmatist. I liked the way how three of them forgot their core beliefs when them had met with a safety and success. As if money is what eventually becomes the core belief.

    1. Very rightly concurred with, Pranju.. Love your comment! Thanks for the same!

  3. Sir all your posts are just amazing. Love reading your blog. :)

    1. That's so nice of you to say so Sumelika.. You are welcome to read the Blog Posts and give your impartial comments.. Thanks for the interest taken!