Monday, July 18, 2016


Am not oft repeating the words, 'This price is nothing'.. 
As some prices may be 'Nothing' to me but are 'Great' to those who made the item available or provided the Service!

Don't visit the Luxury Places too often.. 
As the same soon becomes Routine and I would invariably be searching for 'Super Luxuries' without fail!

Try doing my basic works myself even though I can part with few Rupees and buy that help very easily.. 
As when times tighten, the same basic works quote sky rocketing prices which invariably label me unfit to live! 

Follow the 'Silent Earning Members' by my side Viz., the health and safety measures.. 
As 'Health is nothing when it's there and everything else is nothing when not there!' and 'Accidents often happen only once in life as...........!' 

Do not quickly say that Life is 'fantastic’and instead always say, ‘to be lived through’.. 
As the 'Humility' with me forever straightens me and puts me on the right track!' 

Keep track of major finances, incoming and outgoing by a Physical 'Note-down'.. 
As often that task is either overlooked due to laziness or done beyond with greed but rarely done to the exact! 

Ever follow the original discipline of mine that had brought me to this day's Prosperity.. 
As my past, sure needs at least that much recognition! 

Don't relax extra because of my present Prosperity but do more work instead.. 
As the 'Evil Pride' with me soon can make this fort of prosperity a sure history! 

Grow my finances at a moderate pace and never chase them.. 
As there's no 'Super Rich' concept anywhere in this scenario except in my mind! 

Am ever ready to spend a percent of my income beyond the basic need to help out the less privileged.. 
As they too form part of His Creation Who sure had Okay-ed my success!

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