Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The Ever Ruling Law..
  • Even the all lovable parents too show the door to me if I do not work and contribute my share in time!
Balanced Living..
  • The Ever Respected Law of Economics in any corner of the world is.. Limited spending = Earning - Pending loan EMIs -Reasonable savings leaving off exigencies.. The persistent problem here is.. How to say NO to the readily available soft loans around to push this limited spending to unlimited levels! 
Simple Maths..
  • A lakh may be huge money but that's equally nothing but a hundred thousands and will in no time be over when a thousand starts weighing light in my pocket! 
Choking Hazards..
  • Throwing a lavish party may be too funny and irresistible but it indirectly means putting the bundles into drain.. If continued, sure the drain gets chocked in no time filth overflowing all round with unbearable smell! 
Costly Fun..
  • It may be too funny rolling coins in front making different sounds but at the back of such an easy attitude soon bundles will silently vanish from the Safe behind that rolling sound! 
Fast Life..
  • A man expanded double without checking the need of the hr and in no time was constrained to come back to a part of the original without expansion! 
Fun with Figures..
  • Between the 'Intrinsic Worth' and the 'Fascination Price' I pay many small people no doubt, would be making a living which of course sure is decent for them but would never be for me who is slowly and indirectly pushed to that level without my knowledge! 
Timely Pest Control..
  • When additional money is sensed, new Relations would sure be defined and it's up to me how quickly I implement there, the effective Pest Control Program! 
Penny Wise, Pound..
  • Don’t spend part of the money on improvement, it'll soon be passed into hands who will misuse the total of it without an exception! 
Future Perils..
  • 'Retirement' means the second ‘Honeymoon’ over with the ‘Blazing Sun’ awaiting.. Is the 'Safety Net Umbrella' ready?

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