Wednesday, August 31, 2016


"Sir! How could you turn out such a huge Business Venture so efficiently?"

"I had a series of ideas like
  • Why not manufacture something, sell it in the Market and thus make a living?
  • Why not improve the product to suit the ever changing customer demand for a small extra price?
  • Why not purify the product to International Standards wherein the actual benefit can nullify the increased price?
  • Why not fortify the product with the ingredients lost in the process of refinement with a price increase where in the customer would be happy to pay?
  • Why not compress the ingredients so that more is accommodated in less space and thus cut down on transport and storage costs?
Further to these, to rope in the rich and sophisticated segment, I had ideas..
  • Why not improve the product by picking up the raw material from the remote forest areas of nil pollution with a sizable increase of price in parallel continuing the low priced items of the existing standards with a moderate price increase as per market conditions?
  • In the next few years, why not concentrate on purifying, fortifying and compressing the the new product, charge more successively and thus continue?
And beyond to catch the attention of the super rich group too I thought,
  • Why not improve the quality of packing which covers the product fully and comes in contact for a longer time with the product thus widening the customer base with a substantial price rise retaining the earlier 2 levels of customers in the field?
"Is that the end?"

"No.. Never.. Further improve the packing of the super rich segment product too by procuring its raw materials from...."

"Sir! You are so plain in speaking all this.. If this is leaked out..?"

"Nothing happens.. People who use my product have no time to listen here and change their usage habit drastically!"

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