Monday, August 29, 2016


As the man in great hurry to complete certain definite activities was going round thus, some one sneezed.. A family member said, 

"Sit for a minute and go!"

The man said,

"I don't believe blindly in all these!" 

A well wisher around remarked, 

"Dear! Are you believing blindly that running round with haste makes everything planned surely take place?"

"Sir, it's not a belief here.. I know that.. It may, may not or may partly happen but still I should do what I'm supposed to do!"

"Okay, agreed.. But, if that planned goes wrong beyond, can you swallow the whole failure and be normal?"

"May not be immediately.. But am sure in time, I'll become normal.. If not, I'll try bearing whatever it be!"

"Dear! Saying thus is nothing but procrastination alone out of a lazy feeling within.. Instead why don't you firm up on that?"

"Then.. Pl tell me the right way here!"
  • "Not to run with that mad thrust other than the normal required / approved / expected from you on an average and thus continue doing your duties.. Whenever forgotten and subsequently remembered, again try optimizing the speed based on priorities in front rather than expectations.. 
  • As you live thru' life thus, both sneezing and hurrying up beyond would become less important to you with the discharge of duties, you remaining as witness for the happenings alone gaining primary importance in every situation of your life where in pure love alone acts!
  • Tell me now.. Don't you want such a sacred Discrimination Capacity very much available with you all the time flow freely in your life as much as possible and thus be at Peace?"
Keywords: Discrimination, Love, Peace, Duty


  1. Thank you very much Pranju and Sweety for share of the Posty on G+!

  2. Simply wonderful message sir. Yes, I also want such a sacred discrimination capacity and thus be at peace. Heartfelt thanks.

    Jitendra Mathur

    1. That's so nice of you to say so, Jitendra.. Truly an appreciative comment on the Post.. Thanks a lot!

  3. Thanks Shweta for promoting the Post on G+!

  4. A very charming thought! When I was small this was a practice and even now I get worried if I or someone sneezes at some crucial juncture but what a way to turn this around.
    Great message!