Saturday, September 3, 2016


No doubt
originally God might have created man and said 
‘You are free to live on this earth!'
and further to that Eminent Men of the earth might have invented governing with a caution to those governed 
‘You are free here only with care!’ 
forgetting that care when I believe that 
‘I'm 100% free!’
my slavery is just next to me 
when my Ruler sitting on throne with all members of his Progeny, Legacy, Status and Power around just says, 
‘All are free under my rule!'
I'll definitely believe there with an adoration in my heart in no time grooming a dictator indirectly! 
Thus to say 
freedom and being vigilant are ever close friends and devoid of that care, sure a silent slavery would indirectly be imposed on me without a say which over a period of time becomes acceptable to me with the enthusiasm to get rid of it becoming totally lost!
Further to that
my freedom is ever with me when I work and live only out of the wealth I create and care for my next man in true spirit totally freeing myself from all that conditioning through taboos, beliefs and dogmas 
and such a freedom 
I'll truly experience in my life if I keep off my craving for too many pleasantries thus controlling my desires to a certain extent and accordingly express myself!

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