Thursday, October 6, 2016


The rich man of the town was at the Famous Shop..
  • A smart looking young man at the Shop Counter explained to him extempore the invaluable benefits of the newly arrived products, their specialty, make, years of research behind the make and the cost in detail etc beyond the usual! 
The gentleman purchased his regular stock for the month along with few new items that were brought into the market from distant lands and soon moved to the Famous Eatery a few shops away..
  • Another smart looking young man at the Counter got all of those he picked as the best after thoroughly scrutinizing the quality and quantity of the ingredients, neatly packed them and handed over to him with a smile! 
Further to that, he moved to the 'Nature at it's Best' Area and spent some time reviewing his and his family disciplines and going thru' few latest articles on day to day living habits for well being..
  • A third smart looking young man helped him in all that for a while! 
Subsequently, he moved on and stopped at a Joint to have his favorite drink.. Finally he moved to the car parking to go home with all that bought as the best for himself and his family..

He opened the car door, sat in the driving seat, put the seat belt on and before starting the engine as he routinely looked into the rear view mirror, he saw the two young men who helped him at both the Shops along with the young man he met at the 3rd place.. All sitting a bit away behind his car eating their lunches and talking softly among themselves.. Unintentionally, for a minute the gentleman lent his ears to that conversation..

  • "It's hand to mouth existence for us.. We can never afford for a life time, what's all sold in my shop.. Strangely.. 
Without all these too we are OK!"
  • "Forget about consuming what we sell in our eatery.. There's no money to buy even the normal varieties of our food.. The salary is just enough.. You are right.. 
Without all these too we are OK!"
  • "Don't worry.. Even at my place, I may be talking on many disciplines but hardly myself get time to practice any single one.. The work itself takes out my day's energy.... But still..
Without all these too we are OK!"

As soon as the gentleman started the engine, his phone rang up.. As he picked up the call, the disturbed voice at the other end was saying..
  • "Come home quickly.. Our elder one came back from college as he was again feeling unwell due to.... Even the younger one appears to be.... We follow meticulously all that said good on the Earth.. Still..
With all these too we are not OK!"

Keywords: clarity, confusion, Nature