Monday, October 3, 2016


On a Sunday..
  • "Sir! That my friend Dinesh never cares for my feelings and is always...... And equally the friend Ragav we once met... Gets into each and every detail...... Leave him.. The other friend Govind.. Look wise a gentleman... But so many plans behind......" 
The next Sunday..
  • "Sir! That my friend Govind...... And equally the friend Dinesh...... Leave him.. The other friend Ragav......" 
Further to that..
  • "Sir! That my friend Ragav...... And equally the friend Govind...... Leave him.. The other friend Dinesh......" 
After some more days..
  • "Sir! That my friend Dinesh...... And equally the friend Ragav...... Leave him.. The other friend Govind......"
"Dear! I'll show you a magic.. Here are 3 stars.. Red, brown and black in color..
  • Leave the red in front hall here, brown in bed room and black in the kitchen and come back..
  • Now move the red to bed room, brown to kitchen and black to front hall.. 
  • Next, move the red to kitchen, brown to front hall and black to bed room and come back..
  • And the final will be red in front hall, brown in bed room and black in kitchen.. 
And with this unique position, the stars are in your favor!"

"Sir! Nothing extra favored me in spite of myself moving the stars 4 times as I'm back to the original Position.. You made me put in an unnecessary effort!"

"And nothing extra favored you too in spite of yourself commenting on your friends all these days.. You too had put in an unnecessary effort!"


"Yes Dear! The Almighty forever has His Own Greater Plans for all the Rights and Wrongs done in this world and those Sacred Plans are implemented thru'

  • Your Own Care for basic protection, 
  • Extended Care provided by people around for the community welfare, 
  • Justified Care taken by the Rule Makers/Implementing Personnel for overall safety and 
  • Extra Ordinary Care provided thru' indirect Sacrifice of the Great Men and Women 
which all put together too if not enough to fight the Wrong
  • The Ultimate Leveling would be done by Mother Nature to bring back the Order! 
Here, why don't you just do your job well and leave the rest to Him alone for overall take care?"

Keywords: Almighty, Right and Wrong, Greater Plans, Care, Mother Nature, Order


  1. Absolutely correct Sir. There can't be a better guideline for living the worldly life peacefully and meaningfully.

    1. Thanks Jitendra.. Really No 1 comment on the Post.. Love the same!

  2. Thanks Anupriya for promoting the Post on G+!