Monday, November 28, 2016

  • “What had happened to your that equipment you purchased last year? I am not seeing it in your house!” 
asked the man of many assets when he visited his friend of normal living..
  • I just disposed off the piece as scrap as I don't need it any more!” 
said the friend in a calm tone..
  • “What dear, you bought it only last year and without using it fully, you scrapped it? You simply wasted your money.. You know, a similar set I too disposed off yesterday.. But only after making use of the whole of it for full 3 years nothing less.. That’s how, you should utilize your Assets.. 
  • See, money does not grow on trees and my wealth with me today is there because of this discipline.. You know, dear? ‘Little drops alone make an Ocean!’” 
said the man with a feeling of pride distinctly seen on his face.. The friend smiled and kept quite..

A day later, at the huge scrap area, 2 active rag pickers picked up 2 pieces of the equipment from one corner.. Both with all difficulty quickly opened them in their own innovative ways..
  • “Ah! This one, I got intact.. Our master sure gives me Rs 100 for this apart from 10 Rs for the cover.. A good man had left this for me!” 
exclaimed one with an expression of explicit joy seen on his face..
  • “I did not get anything left in this except the cover that too dented all over.. It gets me only Rs 5 for this much struggle!”
said the other with a sad expression on his face.. In no time, the first one cheered him up,
  • “Don’t worry, dear.. Luck may favor you tomorrow.. Come, I'll treat you free with a full cup of Chai today in place of our usual 50-50 shared.. Okay?"
Instantly, the two boys happily moved towards their Tea Place seen at distance..

There was a Message from Above..
  • ‘Nothing comes with you when you leave the world.. Knowing this well, why don't you just live a life of optimum utilization including what you pass on to your kith and kin and share beyond with the next man at every instance? No one had ever stopped you from doing this at any time in your life!'

(The Post is dedicated to the active rag pickers of earlier times who used to make a living thru' a certain value addition at their own level to the scrapped items simultaneously helping out in part cleaning up of the surroundings!)

Keywords: scrap, optimum ultilization, rag picker


  1. Loved you post sir, wish we can understand this and make things better around us.

    1. Very much rightly said, Mansi.. Thanks for the nice comment here!

  2. Thanks Jyotirmoy for promoting the Post on G+!