Thursday, December 29, 2016


God bestowed on me all the health, strength, and energies and brought me up in the world to a stage of fully grown up personality.. Out of
my Attachment feeling,
I boasted out.. 
'All this is my own achievement!' 

He expected me to extend a compassion feeling towards the man who erred in the situation.. Over taken by 
my Anger,
I lost my cool and exploded.. 
'The man erred; let him suffer!' 

The Lord expected me to divert some of my resources for the good of His Creation.. Out of
my Greed,
I pocketed that all along preaching.. 
'Let others struggle and fend themselves!' 

He expected me to be happy in my life with that He gave me.. Out of 
my Lustful Attitude, 
I cried eternally..
'Why don't I get more?'

The Almighty kept His Creation by my side with their problems and difficulties and expected me to help them with my energies and strength.. Overtaken by 
my Pride,
I wound up a cocoon round myself saying..
'None can enter my kingdom!' 

He sent the other man to me expecting me to serve him with a selfless attitude.. Overtaken by 
my Jealousy,
I kept him off creating my own theory..
'How can the man encroach into my area and prosper?' 

Thus my day moved on and as I visited my Temple in the evening and Prayed to my God to bestow
His Blessings
on me, the Almighty appeared saying..

'Sure My Blessings are here for you but the Sanctity of the same is instantly erased by the 6 negative thoughts you harbor within!'

Sanctity, Prayer


  1. The enemies within - those you have enumerated here - are far more powerful than those outside. you have reminded us in a beautiful way.

    1. Thanks Durga Prasad for the appreciative comment in this context.. Love the same!!

  2. Thats a powerful post.. Alas! I still loose my mind to these negative thoughts..

    1. Thank you very much Roohi for the appreciation here.. You are right.. Getting off from these thoughts is an Herculean Job and we sure get lost often in this context.. A nice comment here!

  3. Thanks Ila Varma for promoting the Post on G+!