Thursday, January 12, 2017


For a while, as I was mentally down at the back of a serious problem, I heard on the distant loud speakers part of the Spiritual Discourse being narrated on how God would come to the rescue of His Devotees when in trouble as told by the Great Saint..

  • 'During their hide and seek play, as the sister got terrified and paralyzed with the mask put on by his brother, the brother instantly took it off and appeared normal to calm down her.. In a similar way, the Almighty too takes care of His Devotees when they are frightened with the tough problems of life!'

Making me develop the Firm Belief required in that context..

Soon as I offered a heart felt Prayer to my Deity and relaxed thinking that's all I should do, the narrator was heard quoting the Great Saint's caution in that context..

  • 'Unless you struggle for Revelation of God like a drowning man struggling for one breath of air, the Lord will not appear in front of you!'
Educating me on the Right Knowledge required all along..

Instantly, I became passive thru' that message as I never saw such a great thrust in me at that moment.. And to get into the same as I decided to concentrate and chant endlessly the God's name, the narrator was heard repeating the Great Saint's advice in that context,
  • 'Our problems in the world have to be resolved by us alone in a similar way we remove a thorn from our foot never looking at others to help therein!'
hitting at the stringent Work Schedule I need to adapt therein without an exception..

In respect of retraining my senses from the routine enjoyment mode to a service attitude to humanity and rise in my life..

Finally having understood the right way, I offered my Ardent Prayer to the Almighty that night and retired to bed with peace alone ruling me all along!

Keywords: Believe, Know and Work thru'


  1. A very well written post Sir. Thanks for sharing your wisdom :)

    1. Thanks Purba.. A nice appreciative comment on the Post!

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    1. Thanks for the invitation.. Sure, will get back soon!