Tuesday, February 21, 2017


A man thought..
  • “My friends are always with me, they will be with me and sure come to my help in a crisis situation..

  • If I do not keep any friendship, there is definitely a day called ‘Not My Day’ and unless the extra hands are by the side, how else can I come out of such instances?
  • No doubt I may be able to buy ‘help’, but such a ‘help’ forever is half-hearted only and would never substitute for what exactly is required!” 
Another felt..
  • Friends no doubt will be there with me today, but there's no guarantee that all of them continue to be with me in a distressful situation..
  • Most of the times, it would be a lip sympathy, a few times some running round, half-hearted attempts and few murmurs with a feeling of drudgery work thrust upon them and sure in all such cases, some escape would be sought at the earliest..
  • Instead monies would straightaway do a better job and any help will be at door step as money truly speaks!” 
The third one affirmed..
  • Living with friends, keeping good friendships, helping them out in their need and thus live in the society is one of the duties with me and any calculation here is forever a sin..
  • The friends are not there with me exclusively to come to rescue in times of crisis and here let me straightaway equip myself for any exigencies in the best possible way..
  • The ideal way here is to save enough monies for predicted exigencies and be prepared even though every exigency cannot be covered this way and may not be required too as truly speaking what happens the next moment is never known!” 
At one point of time, when certain mishaps came up in their lives..
  • Least prepared the first one totally left it to his friends, expected them to support and they in turn had to run for everything with great strain at the back trying to do their best with the man's imperfect planning..
  • As the second one relied more on money with the true friends given less importance, no doubt the hired Help had done the job but half-hearted and thus even though good finances were available, the spirit of service was missing..
  • The third one alone could manage the crisis in front in the best possible way as the dedicated friends were with him at the back of full co-operation and warmth along with enough finances and finally all had taken the situation with true humility in their hearts!
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  1. A wonderful post. We should try to be like the 3rd person :)

    1. Thanks Purba for the appreciation.. Rightly said!