Monday, February 13, 2017


A father was of the opinion that children should learn on their own and only where they were likely to miss important events, the parent should either keep things handy for them or help them at that moment..

'Teach them fishing but never give the fish!'

was his motto!

An elderly well-wisher who was observing him for a while decided to correct him gently and accordingly said to him one evening,

“Why don’t you leave normal issues other than those with potential dangers/hold-ups to your children, allow them struggle a bit and thus learn instead of you keeping part of many things ready for them in day to day dealings?"

The man replied,

”Sir, Initially I thought of that.. But there, the children sooner or later get themselves held up and lose their precious time!”

The elderly smiled and said,

  • “Dear! It's imperative that in one's life, 'NOT ALL SUCCESS' is experienced on and off to make ultimately a strong personality..
  • Actually in life, no one had truly come up with all success and no ordinary failure brought down one's personality and there that much of spending of time, money and energy is never seen a waste! 
  • This's where one can take a chance and continuously correct himself/herself.. In fact, it's always seen as the bigger part of learning in our life as few failures in safe zone will soon enable especially our children correct in advance and equip themselves to face similar failures in future.. Seen thus, it's nothing but an investment alone but the other way! 
  • I advise you.. Spend more time on health, safety and well being of your young ones, ever make sure that they never get into issues of major problems and beyond leave them learn freely
Not only fishing but how to equip themselves to fish too!"

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