Thursday, February 2, 2017


The man murmured,
"The world no doubt, is a cruel place.. 
If not on guard, it engulfs in no time!"

The wise man remarked,
"Instead of murmuring within with such thoughts,
why not be on your guard and start doing something good to the world?"

The man murmured,
"I lived in this country for so many years..
Nothing I got one thing special for me!"

The wise man remarked,
"Instead of murmuring within with such thoughts,
as part of gratitude towards all the unseen plus you got,
why not drop the idea of expecting more from your country?"

The man murmured,
"I felt that it's my own state.. 
But seeing the wide differences among-st people, I wonder what that my own here?"

The wise man remarked,
"Instead of murmuring within with such thoughts,
why not do a single work of unifying those differences?"

The man murmured,
"I was proud of my neighborhood..
But seeing the endless gossips that go around, I get dejected and feel lost!"

The wise man remarked,
"Instead of lending an ear to such gossips,
why not take certain lead in preaching something good in your community?"

The man murmured,
"Of late, I'm not happy with my family
as the grown-ups are countering my advices given for their own good!"

The wise man remarked,
"Instead of finding fault with the behaviors of your grown-ups,
why not just advise on the right and keep off beyond respecting the members decisions 'as is'?"

The man murmured,
"Okay.. Leave all that..
I'm not at all feeling happy with whatever I do in my life.. 
This life looks aimless and totally meaningless!"

The wise man smiled and said,
"That's the exact reason why I advised you to act supporting everywhere..
It's the No1 Magic in this world and here none other than the doer alone can experience a 100% happiness and peace within without a single exception!" 

Magic, murmuring


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Purba for the appreciative comment on the Post!

  2. Each one of us at one point or the other, experience such debate within ourselves. A debate between mind and heart and it is always the logical thinking that wins, leaving us as silent spectators.

    1. Very rightly said, Rajashree.. If we firm we can always do if not full a part of it and thus remain at peace.. Thanks for the good comment here!