Friday, March 3, 2017

  • "It's nothing.. I read about it at few places and made an exhaustive study..
  • Just manage, take care.. I tell you.. Soon the problem will be out of sight.. It's that simple!"
Proclaimed the young man of 20s..
  • "Not only reading about it, I saw practically with my own eyes when my friend underwent thru' the similar one.. 
  • A bit patience.. Soon everything will be normal.. God is there!"
Affirmed the man of 30s..
  • "No doubt reading is different and in practice experiencing these situations is different.. But as I correlate the ideal instances to the practical situations, there is always an unseen gap and what I feel here.. 
  • Go slow.. Have patience.. I assure things come under control.. Best wishes.. God Bless!"
Clarified the man of 40s..
  • "I am an old timer and my reading about this is not fully relevant to the present know-how but as a practical man, I've certain say here.. Things in practice sometimes totally go in a different direction.. I say patience is the virtue in the situation.. 
  • Let the knot in the problem come out by itself slowly.. That soon makes things crystal clear.. Best wishes.. Lets Pray to God!"
Expressed the man of 50s..
  • "I lived thru' similar problems in my life and it needs lot of patience and perseverance to come out of this vicious circle.. You should be careful here as sometimes the problem looks resolved but the mystery only deepens.. Be alert all along.. No despair.. Hope things soon become clearer.. When the bridle comes to our hands, further there is no problem.. We can very well handle it.. 
  • Let's offer a heartfelt Prayer to the Almighty and thus be at peace.. He alone is the Prime Mover everywhere and He sure is with us in this situation.. Om Shanti!"
Said the man of 60s!

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