Tuesday, March 21, 2017


An elderly man of 68 on stroll one evening saw a good Spirit in distress and as he instantly helped the Spirit, It in return offered him granting a special boon..
  • ”I see you struggling at your age with the age related problems almost leading a lonely life with nothing to do in front. Tell me, do you want again all that youthful life 15-25 yrs of many opportunities?”
“Oh! I've to learn all those A, B, Cs again? Can't be a beginner in my life. Don't want!”
  • “Then, do you want to relive the life of 25-35 yrs where in youthfulness and maturity go together?”
“Still, the then maturity is nowhere compared to that required to lead a good life. Don't want!”
  • “Why not 35-45 yrs of prime life with recognition from all directions as a man of something?”
“What for all that struggle and running round again? It’s too hectic. Don't want!”
  • “OK! What about the life of 45-55 yrs where you would be a seasoned man with true maturity backed by power, finance and recognition?”
“Have I to pass thru’ all that glory only to come back to ‘Nil’ once again? Don't want!”
  • “Okay.. It's final.. You will be definitely happy with the 55-65 yrs which was the just the recent of yours?”
“No…. All that vanishing trick and re adjusting task again? It’s really a big pain. Don’t want!”
  • “Then what else you want? Tell me quickly. I've to go now!”
“Just before I met you, I had a small issue of………. Help me in that, I would be the happiest!”

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