Wednesday, March 29, 2017


On a day certain groups of entertainers, continental cuisine experts, comfort providers and philosophical thinkers visited a farmer..

The groups of entertainers said that they would entertain him the best with their skills. The farmer said,

  • "I'm happy with my dancing paddy fields and singing birds around me.. No extra entertainment I need!" 
The group of continental cuisine experts said that they would serve him with highly delicious cooked dishes. The farmer said,
  • "I'm happy with my simple food directly cooked in my house and consumed.. No extra serving of delicacies I need!" 
The group of comfort providers said that they would provide the best living conditions for him. The farmer said,
  • "I'm happy with my small house amidst the ever green Nature around me. No extra comfort I need!" 
A group of philosophical thinkers said that they would guarantee for him peace in his life. The farmer said,
  • "I'm happy with my own understanding of life as is around me. No extra clarification I need!" 
All were silent for a while. When asked one of them replied..
  • "Unless you become happy with what we tell/give/provide you and you share your 'Precious Produce' with us, all our learning and specialty is nothing with our stomachs going hungry!" 
A 'Great Reminder' in my so called 'Busy Life' where in a few times I would be trying to tie firm knots between elbows and knees!

2 PM was the time for cleaning the Rest room area as per schedule and the Janitor-In-Charge requested people in urgency to walk in and finish their activity and rest in the queue to wait for 15 minutes.

A few walked in and finished their activity and the rest decided to wait. The Janitor was about to close the gate when a man in the queue asked,

  • “Hi, I am on an urgent job and have to catch my bus. I'll give you some cash. Will you allow me in?”
The Janitor-In-Charge with a smile locked the front gate saying,
  • “Don’t worry.. I know the Bus Operator. He'll stop the bus for you. I promise!"
Exactly after 15 minutes, he opened the gates with a broad smile and welcomed the people waiting.. As they started moving in, he jokingly asked the man who was ready to offer him money,
  • “Will you give me the money now?”
Someone remarked in the queue,
  • “Why not? Ten times of that, tens of us in the queue will give you for the Greatest Service you are doing to us!” 
Another 'Great Reminder' in my so called 'Busy Life' where in a few times I would be trying to appear the best at the cost of certain uncleanliness left behind!

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