Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The time was 6 AM the early morning hrs of Sunday.. From the loud speakers of the Ashram, the Famous Devotional Song was heard melodiously sung by the Singer explaining the meaning by the side thus..

'Oh mortals! 
Why don’t you buy the Lord Rama’s ascetic medicine? 
This medicine sure eradicates lust, anger, arrogance, envy and avarice in you if you take heartily.. 
It dispels all the accumulated sins at one stroke.. 
This is a unique medicine in the world and none can buy it even if ready to spend crores of rupees.. 
Ardent devotees alone can get this by meditating upon Lord Rama and they ever take it with pure devotion; nothing less!'

After participating in the Bhajan, the Head of the Ashram for the day started his discourse and soon continued..

“A disciple happened to see his Master in certain Environment.. He thought,
  • ‘Our Master always advises us to keep distance from the attractions of the world and here such a Great Man is seen in this Environment? Let me follow secretly and see the end of this drama!’

As he thus followed, in no time he saw his Master attending to one of His routine works.. The disciple could no more keep his guilt feeling within himself and the next day expressed the same in front of his Master requesting to pardon him.. The Master smiled and said,
  • 'Never leave this questioning attitude anywhere, at anytime with whomever and in whatever situation especially in Spiritual Path!'
As the Head said thus, one of the devotees instantly questioned,

“Reverend Sir! I've a doubt.. If I should not believe in anything unless I'm physically satisfied thru' my enquiry, how is that the Great men of the World straight away preached, 'Believe in God' thru' all devotional songs?"

The Head replied,

“Dear! What the Great Men spoke of Faith or Belief in God is not the usual word we use in the world in respect of worldly dealings.. Questing there is number one duty with us and establishing what is what is the most important aspect of our lives..

When the Great Personalities said

  • 'Believe in God'
they basically meant
  • 'Believe in the life that does the ultimate good to you thru' your own discrimination and thus continuously rise to the best of your abilities whereby ultimately you yourself would experience the 'Divine Presence!' 
Here we, the normal mortals are all equally eligible to aspire for that Highest and the Great Men further advised us to live in our life with the basic belief that discharging our ordained duties to the core is the known immediate God with us!”

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