Monday, March 13, 2017


Initially it flows around freely, the life in front seen cool, relaxed and very much worth living.. 

In no time a dam comes in the way, where in the free flows are halted by certain restrictions everywhere along with a price attached to the supply..

The restrictions here will only go up with time as more and more varieties are sought with the honeymoon seen over suddenly.. 

Soon the life in front becomes tougher with the Boss many times looking the other way and the family take care taking a back seat.. 

Going on thus, a stage would soon be reached where in sacrificing almost anything in life for the sake of the entity which looked so harmless in the beginning takes front seat let whatever be the turmoils experienced in the process.. 

The next thing is..
The world starts losing interest in the man in picture from every corner with the man being virtually written off for life without a say..

Thus put down from all sides, we may not know what would be left behind finally but sure a 
Vibrant, Active and Energetic life
becomes the thing of the past!


The pressures of social life may make the man to involve without an exception and the addicted in general are not many but since the habit is too powerful, 
The Golden Rule
here is to go with moderation alone forever remembering 
The Old Saying.. 

In the beginning man drinks alcohol, 
Subsequently alcohol drinks alcohol and 
In the end alcohol drinks.. The Man! 


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