Saturday, April 29, 2017


No doubt they are the first words I heard from my Mom and from that moment that single language of those precious words continued with me as the mother tongue of my life..

Further to that, I solely grew up with that sweet language during my early school days with other languages too being introduced at a later date..

My entire college life and those intimate friendly interactions with my college mates were again at the back of that single language alone mostly and thus it ever remained in my heart

As the sweetest language that my mom gifted me for a life a time!

Graduation being over, I got to move on as sticking to native place would have made me lose many opportunities in my career and thus I started moving in search of a prosperous job..

For a while it was here and there, a mixture of every language nothing concrete firmed up but that way life can't go forever as sooner or later the issues have got to be streamlined and thus finally a firm decision was taken at my end to start working in a region away from native land..

That being the spirit, I soon settled in the new place with the local language spoken a lot by my side myself struggling to pronounce the new words and express my requirement but having seen my keen interest, my own friends and well-wishers of the place of my living started helping me out in that..

Soon the family responsibilities, children's education, active interactions at work, endless movements all round made me become well conversant with that local language and further to that over 3 decades of stay there made that single language become

One more sweetest language of mine with the children joining there much more freely along with me!

After those 3 decades, finally the children moved out on their own errands and necessarily I too had to move on for longer time to their places away from my beloved mother land with the foreign country's culture looking truly foreign for days together till a day, when I visited the Food Store of my neighborhood, picked up some curd other groceries, came to the Billing Counter, all of a sudden I was greeted with the never expected familiar words of my beloved country Viz..
“Dahi le rahe hain? Ek choti si kaali mirch aur namak ke sath roti dahi vaastav meh ek achha naashtha banaatha hai!"
'(Buying curd? Actually, Roti and curd along with one small green chilli and salt will make a good breakfast!)'

I felt extremely happy at heart with those sweetest words and instantly responding with a big smile to the friend at the counter, took my items and said aloud,
“Dhanyavaad, Alvida!”
(Thank you, Bye,!)
to the surprise of others around and returned home with an 'unknown great feeling' at my heart for having heard

The sweetest language of my country far far away from the Native Land in a close heart to heart talk!

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Friday, April 28, 2017


With my age, with my grey hair and at the back of a valuable experience of facing many turmoils of life..
  • To ever ready to point out saying that the young are eternally nothing with no wisdom of action 
Never giving a chance to listen to them on what they say or wish to say? 

  • To constantly maximize my monies with a false pride in me saying, ‘It’s mine as I earned all this' instead of saying with all coolness in me, 'It's theirs too and am just a Trusty to this presently!’ 
As the Truth forever witnesses this wealth to the last Rupee being passed on to them alone after me? 

  • To refrain equal number of times supporting the young under my care to grow beyond with a false hope and prejudice in me that ‘I did the best and I don't want to spend anymore here.. It's now their turn to fend themselves and grow!’ 

When actually they could have grown a little better thru’ that extra spending from my side?
  • To try guide the young many times in line of my thinking and perceptions often repeating the Saying ‘Old is Gold!’ 
Equally forgetting the fact that 'Old too was Cruel many times in its own ways?'
  • To often refrain the young from going ahead with their plans eternally stating that there are perils in all the so called 'New' without solid experience of life 
Who, no doubt may lack experience but definitely have the 'Vibrant Newness' which does its own wonders when allowed to be expressed freely?
  • To expect the young around me give due respect to my maturity and experience 
When I myself don't originally carry that respect towards their Vibrant Living?
  • To ever murmur that I had not been taken care and not given due importance by the young around me 
When I could have done that to me by myself streamlining my energies and the capacities?

  • To criticize the young again and again for their immature behaviors 
When my own behaviors of the past were no way better?

  • To cut off from the young the moment they firmly decide to stop me ruling over 
Thus eternally going into my own cocoon of seclusion and loneliness forever in my life? 

And finally to say
  • To turn to God at the earliest opportunity saying ‘God! When do these youth learn to behave?’
When that same God is wholly with them in their
  • Ingenuity, 
  • Straightforwardness, 
  • Newness and 
  • Adventurous Spirit? 
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Monday, April 24, 2017


A young man approached a Saint in a Monastery and asked him a question thus..

“Reverend sir,  All Great People and the Great Books on Philosophy say that the Ultimate in life is..

'An individual should be happy!'

As I look at myself, I am finding that I am happy all the while to

  • Do my works sincerely,
  • Follow all the rules,
  • Lead a disciplined life and
  • Help the people in need all along.. 

No doubt my happiness is disturbed due to vagaries of life and  I sincerely believe that whatever be the situation I should come out of it and start a new life even though I haven't tested that in tough situations.. 

Above all, I daily Pray to God and sincerely believe that He alone is the Ultimate Care Taker!

Thus, I am finding that I am doing the best possible in my life and this way if my life is going on and can reasonably go on, what else I have to learn in a Monastery under the care of a Master?”

The Saint looked at the young man and said thus, 

“My dear! I agree that there is nothing you can learn here under my care beyond what you are doing presently as that is the best discipline of your life. Continue doing that way and lead your life happily. But promise me that you will not deviate from your discipline at any point of time in your life!”

The young man nodded his head, took Blessings from the Saint and left the place. As he left, a Disciple who was all the while listening to the conversation asked the Master,

"Master!  He wanted to know something beyond what he is doing presently but he was sent away without an answer!"

The Saint smiled at him and said, 

“Yes.. I could see that Question Mark on his face which I shouldn't answer now and had it not been there, he would not have approached me today. Let that Question remain with him. It needs to gain Momentum and the life he is going through presently alone gives that Momentum to it. When it does take place, he will surely be coming to me or going to a similar Place again and at that point of time alone he can get the Right Answer. Till that time, his present activities alone are safe for him and not beyond!”

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Sunday, April 23, 2017


There was an occasion of many young men and young women come together and had a great get- together..

Each one was explicitly joyful and found certain unique expressions coming out of them while communicating with their listener. 
In essence, the spirit of this communication existed essentially at 3 levels..
  • In respect of the first level, subsequent few interactions might have taken place but the parties remained just as acquaintances only for rest of their life as the essence of communication soon faded off with distance acting as a barrier.
  • In respect of the second level, the initial interaction lead to a certain closeness with each one started knowing more and more of the other and their like mindedness slowly bonded them together with a certain adoration for the other and in time that lead to close friendship breaking all the distant barriers.
  • In respect of the third level, the very first interaction bloomed into the Entity called 'Sacred Love' and whatever was the status of those couples, that 'Love' stood unique in their hearts and that being the gift of God could never find an alternative on the earth..

The first 2 levels of interactions do not create major problems of life as the closeness is still something different compared to the 3rd level of interaction as such a Love with every couple soon blooms into a relationship, in time that bonds over them for a life time but unfortunately in few cases that does not happen too.. In such cases, sooner or later the conflicts surface and a solution is to be necessarily worked out at the back untold misery in the hearts of two and the related people..

And the spirit of maintaining a warm and bonding relation between the couples forever goes with a discipline understanding very clearly that..

  • 'Basically I have a bounden duty towards myself.. I have to maintain myself in the best interests of health and safety..
  • Beyond this, as I am interested in the physical / psychological interactions in the world, I should be very much prepared to do that to bring back the stability in me while living.. Here, I'm always constrained to act within my limits as other people too are equally involved in their own way..
  • This interaction is nothing but living and managing and it needs all types of skills / techniques to be brought out of me.. And invariably I've to use those my skills/techniques in such a way that the Order in Creation is not disturbed or questioned..
  • The family is the group wherein I am destined to do some special actions as I entered into these so called contracts knowingly or unknowingly..
  • My family members have kept a trust in me and might have delegated certain responsibilities to me out of that faith in me.. Here, I forever should remain a Trustee to those materialistic assets of the family handed over to me in good faith and should continue utilizing those for the growth and betterment of the family members!' 
When such a discipline is adhered to in one's life, the relationships most of the times do remain intact joining all the loose knots therein as a service attitude prevails all the time..

All along, it's ever the duty of the elders and well wishers around to allow the couples at all levels of communication to interact freely as per the law of the land but equally constantly educate them on the discipline required therein and thus make them become aware of their own responsibility of maintaining a healthy relationship whatever they decide upon in their life..

Leaving this, if any one/group straight away forces the young couples behave in a particular way or tries to separate them, that act originally affects the basic human expression in caring for the other and truly does no good to the society at large!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Do you feel that the intermingling between boys and girls should be stopped? We, as children, have always found playing with the opposite sexes much more fun and exciting. Write a post about your feelings about the decision about anti-Romeo squads. #AntiRomeoSquads

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Thursday, April 20, 2017


It's neither a drudgery work nor a work of great interest. It's a Vibratory Live Activity where in the doer, the person attended to and the world around are all benefited..

It demands the zero work experience but simultaneously can never be purchased for any price. All works, whatever the world values high are simply nothing in front of It.. 

There are no theories and experimentation results around It. And It's always done through a process of nothing but constant Negation.. 

It's difficult to quantify or qualify this work. And all works propelled by the human emotions are forever less in front of It.. 

It never divides the Universe but always works through a Unification Process alone.. 

One who does this work to whatever extent is once for all freed from the burden of the mundane life to that extent.. 


The ultimate fruit of this work is the Everlasting Peace and one who tastes the sweat of this great work never ever leaves It! 

Further, as a doer of that Right Work.. 

I don't need to be man of muscles as no extra strength can give me enough courage to do the Right from my end.. 

I don’t need to a man of influence as such a power with me will only affect doing the Right with a few unscrupulous elements by my side misusing that simultaneously myself being unaware of it.. 

I don’t need to be a man of riches as excess money many times comes in the way of doing the Right.. 

I don’t need to be a member of an active group as the doer of Right should ultimately be me only as an individual and never as a member of a collective group.. 

I don’t need to be a man of rigid practices as such practices ultimately end up in living a fixed pattern life forever deviating from the Dynamic Right.. 

I don’t need to be a great listener as all advices invariably stop at brain level and doing the Right exists at action level which I myself have to reconcile to the need of doing that.. 


I don't need to be a highly educated man in any field as doing the Right is never through a great learning! 

man, the right

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Once all of a sudden, a man had a 'Sizable Decision Making' in front of him and there were two distinct ways of doing that.
  • A straight forward way where in the least conflict was seen in Future but lots of work, turmoils and sacrifices immediately in the present.. 
  • A convenient way where in the immediate life appeared quite rosy but the coming up times seen laced with certain hazy problems..
For a while there was a dilemma with the man which path to follow. Equal number of Advices were around bringing out the pros and cons of both the paths..
  • "After all, it's your life that should be important. Do you want to miss many things now thinking of unseen better future? What for you should do any sacrifice now? Ultimately no one knows what's in store. It's better not to think too much on these lines. Just be happy with what's in front of you and try to make use of the best. Life is worth Living NOW!"
were few easy advices..
  • "After all, it's your life that should be important. You may miss many things now but your future is going to be totally problem free. What for you should yield here to the wrong? What's in store is surely the misery only if you yield. I advise you stop brooding and just rise to the occasion. Be happy with what's in front and try make the right use of that. Life is worth living NOW.. BUT FOR A CAUSE!" 
were the tougher advices..

The man at length chose the path of 'No Future Problems' which of course needed a few continuous sacrifices from his side immediately. But whatever said and done, he couldn't hop on to the other convenient path so easily!

After a few years, a well-wisher was at his doorstep. They both discussed for a while and the well-wisher straight away commended the man on the right path chosen by him. The man instantly felt very happy..

"The other path was really alluring. For a moment, I very much thought of following that. Thank God, luckily I never chose that path. Otherwise, what would have been my fate today?”

he said with an expressive feeling of a great satisfaction seen on his face. The well-wisher smiled and said,

"You are not for that path and even if you had been thrust in that direction, you would have come out soon making amends and would have surely embraced the Noble Path!"

“Sir! How do you say that so confidently?"

"Dear! The Almighty has His Own Eternal Plans for each and every one of us and we forever fit in there exactly. That's the exact reason why you are here on the earth today at the back of your own firmness and I'm too with you here at this moment to doubly confirm that!”

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


A young Manager used to be strict at his work but unfortunately in a wrong way thru' a rigid discipline. His Boss observed that for a while and one day called the Manager to his cabin under the pretext of some work.

As the discussions were on, the landline phone rang up.. The Boss was on his mobile phone and so the Manger picked up the call. Instantly the Boss shouted at him,

"Why did you pick up my phone?"

The Manager was hurt with the questioning but kept quite.

The Boss continued to be busy with his mobile phone and again the landline rang up. Remembering his Boss's earlier reaction, the Manager didn't pick up the phone. The Boss ended his mobile call, looked at his Manger and said,

“You should have picked up the phone!”

That was enough for the Manager to lose his cool.

“What are you talking, Sir? How do I know the importance or non importance of your calls? You can't just show your authority on me as you like!”

he shouted at the Boss in fit of rage.. The Boss allowed him to do that, looked at him and said,

“Yes, dear! I was sure authoritative in a wrong way.. But tell me, are you too not authoritative beyond as Boss in your area?"

“What are you saying?  I am just strict with my people for good results.. That's all.. Not questioning them as I like!"

“My dear! It may not be this type of questioning but in the name of being strict with your subordinates, have you forgotten that there are human beings behind in doing that work, they have their own personality of expression and you are indirectly killing that expression thru' suppression out of a fear in you that if not done so you may lose control over them?"


"Yes dear! Your people may be here for your work but equally are there to express themselves too thru' that work. You should make them work of course without an exception but in the process you should

  • Allow them give their ideas and suggestions
  • Try implementing those which suit your work and
  • Commend them thru a certain recognition for that!
Remember, the time you spend in these activities is never a waste and it comes back to you only as a big motivation for your people in doing their work better.. To make you understand how the suppression looks like, I pretended and made the 2 calls from my mobile phone to the landline just now!”

While leaving, the Boss remarked,
  • “When the Great Leader strictly refused leave to many of his soldiers on disciplinary grounds but allowed one to go as his mother was sick, one soldier straight away questioned him on the delinquency shown at the same time. To that, the Great Man smiled and replied, 
“Dear! You are right. But the discipline I insist is for a soldier alone and not for  the one who is a son too!”
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Sunday, April 16, 2017


In twenties, 
as negligence and carelessness 
ruled handling the finances with limited earnings, 
the inner consciousness was heard cautioning.. 
"Money does not grow on trees and today it may look like 
but tomorrow the same money is seen as savior of the times..
Are you aware?" 

In late thirties, 
as certain care and follow-up 
ruled handling the finances with increased earnings at back of an enjoying mode, 
the inner consciousness was heard cautioning.. 
"It may look like 
for you presently but that sure can buy for the less privileged all that which can sustain their lives for a while..
Are you aware?"

In early fifties, 
as the attention and recording 
ruled the finances at the back of sizable earnings with a tendency to save every pie, the inner consciousness was heard cautioning.. 
"The amount that is ultimately saved in the process is like
which will never come with you when you leave the world..
Are you aware?" 

In sixties, 
as the ultimate control and mastery 
ruled handling the finances with nil earnings, 
the inner consciousness stopped advising as the accumulated savings seen once upon a time as
were doing the required job silently likes pearls by the side!

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Friday, April 14, 2017


When the understanding remained at surface level, the sacrifice hovered over the mundane discipline at the back of the thought

"Loving siblings good bad or ugly is 
forever catering certain portion of one's monies, time and energies for their ultimate betterment;
nothing less at any point of time!"

But, as the same understanding probed its way deeper, the sacrifice too refined itself rising with a noble thought 

"Loving siblings good bad or ugly is
forever not only catering certain portion of one's monies, time and energies but beyond some of the physical possessions too for their ultimate betterment;
nothing less at any point of time!"

Further insight quickly sharpened that understanding the sacrifice level going up in leaps and bounds by the side with the nobler thought in parallel firming up..

"Loving siblings good bad or ugly is 
forever not only catering certain portion of one's monies, time, energies and beyond some of the possessions but a few times bringing down own level too for their ultimate betterment;
nothing less at any point of time!"

As the same understanding started getting refined day by day the sacrifice by the side moving on endlessly with the noblest thought surfacing

"Loving siblings good bad or ugly is
not only giving out one's monies, time, energies, beyond some of the possessions and a few times bringing down own level too but if needed permanently get into a lesser state of living for their ultimate betterment;
nothing less at point of anytime!"

and continued to rise up and up endlessly all along with a single expression within

"What else can I forego here further to make 
this love in me reach limitless!"

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt

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    Thursday, April 13, 2017


    A  benevolent Ruler decided to be truly democratic in his approach and adapted a novel way of ruling his people.

    He proclaimed,

    • “Knowledge is superior. Let people out of their full freedom say what comes to their mind. That'll be brought out and will be released as information to public. But since a man out of freedom may express wild ideas, the same would be screened and approved by the Expert Committee/s and then only it could released for public!"
    A man had certain 'Special Ideas' with him and he wanted to make them known to public. He accordingly prepared a Write-up and presented to the King’s Court. The Officials received the same and asked him to wait.

    Days passed. The man’s enquiry revealed that a Committee was set up to scrutinize the Write-up and approve the same. The man waited but there was no news on his issue.

    When enquired again, he was told that the Committee had certain doubts on some of the issues of the Write-up and so referred to some more Committees.

    The man again waited but soon found that it was of no use as an active debate was on certain modifications proposed on the Write-up. He got vexed and on a day took an appointment with the King and requested him to see that his Presentation was approved. The King gave a patient hearing to his problem and ordered his Court Officials to brief him on the progress.

    Just then the Senior Official brought the corrected Write-up and handed over to the man saying,

    • “Sir! We just completed the checks. Now the Write-up can be released to public!”
    The man quickly went through the corrected Write-up. A strange feeling overtook him instantly.

    The Original Write-up was like an Inspirational Outburst of his thoughts. The corrected one looked entirely different as each word was weighed for pros and cons and then only allowed.

    The man with a heavy feeling looked at one point and straight away asked His Majesty,

    • “Your Highness! I said this item which is used by many as on date is very good for human use. Even that is modified!”

    When the King looked at it, it was written there.. 

    • "The particular item may be 'good' but presently a lot of studies are being carried out in this line. Out of that, there are opinions that it may be allowed as 'good' only when certain conditions are satisfied.

    • They are listed out in the Annexure..
    • Leaving this, we can say that it is 100% the right item for use, if the same is subjected to certain proved processes, all the 'bad of it' is removed and finally as the left out product can harm none, that only can be declared as the right one to use!”
    The King himself was amused and voluntarily spoke out aloud,
    • “Such a modified item may not harm any one but it equally does no good too as it would be totally useless!”
    The Senior Official admitted,
    • “I too agree with you, Sir! But then none can raise objection as that does no harm!”
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    Wednesday, April 12, 2017


    "Sir! I know two of my friends who are almost 180 deg opposite in their social behaviors..

    One, even in strange environment of about dozens of people around sure makes sizable friends in the first talk itself where as the other, moves amidst thousands untouched except putting up a smile when directly happen to come face to face. Both the friends, to my knowledge are the decent people in their lives, take care of their core responsibilities well and live with a good discipline all along.

    Whenever I enquire for this difference in behaviors, the first one says..

    • "We humans are social beings.. What's the point in not actively interacting with people around and keeping to yourself all in your life? Sure, not a good behavior!"
    The other says,
    • "Yes.. We are social beings.. But what's the point in interfering with others unless some one voluntarily approaches you with a requirement? Sure not a good behavior!"
    I'm totally confused here.. Please tell me.. What's the right approach of our living in such situations?"

    "Dear! Let's basically look at the fundamental freedom each one of us have in their lives to interact or not with others around and carrying respect for that expression alone, we should be discussing this issue of active interactions with others..

    • It's possible that I may, out of a weakness of myself not able to keep silence even for short time be interacting with each and every one around and speaking unnecessarily which could have simply done away with a simple behavior of smiling and leaving.. 
    • It's equally possible that I may, being highly self centered or out of an inferiority complex with me and an in built hatred towards others keep the minimum smile required and leave beyond unless I'm convinced that they are not comparable to me!
    Both the attitudes are sure never the good social behaviors with any one and here we can say with all assertion that one is the type of
    • An interfering personality 
    and the other
    • A stern faced adamant personality!
    The right attitude in all such situations forever is going to be..

    'I don't carry any prejudices and preconceived ideas with me as I move around amidst groups of people all along caring for my basic responsibilities in the situation and thus live thru'!'

    • In this context alone, the Great Men and Women of the Earth equally adapted both the methods of social interactions ranging from active involvement to totally keeping silence in their Noble Lives with questioning own self interest all along remaining on top priority with them thus forever becoming useful and helpful to mankind at large!"
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    Monday, April 10, 2017



    The advice when no conflict prevailed with the self..

    • "What's your problem, dear? Don't lose confidence.. You should forget and get up.. Feel good, you will be 50% alright the next moment.. Start doing your normal works and at the end of every day recapitulate the effort put in by you.. We only make our life complicated.. Okay.. I got to go now.. Do what I say; you will soon be alright!"
    When confronted with a normal conflict..
    • "Yes..I've taken the best care everywhere and there's no room here for any slippage.. It's just a matter of time, I know.. Others too confirmed that to me.. Soon things should return to normalcy!"
    As the conflict deepened to a serious level..
    • "Oh! I've become really helpless.. What can I do now? I'm trying this last one.. Hope things would be alright soon!"
    When everything failed and all hope lost..
    • "This life has no meaning.. Everything is shaky.. None other than He alone is All.. If He Wills, I move.. Lord! You are the Original.. You are the Powerful.. You are the All Merciful.. I am nothing in the world.. Take care of me and make me cross this crisis.. I here by surrender to you!"
    As small improvement surfaced..
    • "It's all His Grace.. Nothing is in our hands.. He alone took care of me all along and the Miracle had happened in my life!"
    When the recovery appeared sure..
    • "Yes.. My Prayers truly worked.. Working and having a firm faith in God alone are going to be my disciplines hereafter in my life!"
    Back to almost normalcy..
    • "You see.. I have gone to such a worst scenario and there was almost a no go situation.. Nothing seemed working.. But right at that moment, my deep Faith had truly done the wonders.. Today I'm this much because of His Grace alone; nothing else!"
    Soon in time..
    • Yes Dear! At times, problems do come to us.. Don't lose confidence.. You should get up and He is above us.. Believe in Him, you will be 50% alright the next moment.. Start doing your normal works to the extent possible and at the end of every day offer a sincere Prayer to Him.. We only forget this often in our lives.. Okay.. I got to go now.. Do what I say; you will soon be alright.. God Bless!"

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    Friday, April 7, 2017


    There was a 100% chance in front of me to look at the night sky and get lost observing the shining stars spread all over and thus remain in communication with Mother Nature;

    Instead, I turned 180 degrees and chose to gaze at the man made lights of the sky scrappers in front of me getting myself lost to the beauty of the lesser forever!

    No doubt, it may be my choice here and I feel that none should try to alter it at the moment with an impression that if questioned, the drive in me to progress in the direction of modernization is straight away hampered..

    But let me pause and question myself with an awakened wisdom that..

    "Sure the drive in me is truly the gift of Nature and expressing out of my own freedom is my birth right there but 
    Altering the Nature around is permitted to satisfy this drive within certain limits only and when that alteration crosses limits and catapults recklessly into sky
    it can no more be called the drive but craze only 
    where in I would be greedily
    riding over every one around me to reach the top position to be called the King by the people 
    with great stories of my success spread out 
    all along forgetting that there is
    infinitely above me constantly watching me playing those selfish gimmicks
    not knowing the Eternal Law by my side that 
    'What all done has to be undone!'" 

    Thus seen, I would sure be down sooner or later with 
    no escape from the force of that Law but
    if I understand in the right spirit the sacred drive in me still continues 
    of course, with a renewed energy rightly knowing that

    My drive will just modify the minimum of what my Mother Nature Originally had given me for expressing my happiness keeping the rest as is
    for the 
    Greater Good of the Humanity
    where in
    my Original Mother has Her Own Plans of 
    Upholding the Basic Principles of life!

    The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt

    Thursday, April 6, 2017


    When introduced to that..
    • "You can't call it less.. Just the normal only with the sum total of 'Plus' and 'Minus!' The 'Minus' is where my rightful entitlement is at stake and the 'Plus' is the extra I get that neutralizes the 'Minus.'.. Simple mathematics.. Nothing to worry.. If you don't take care here, you will ultimately end up with a life in which you can do nothing!"
    Subsequently, when lured towards that..
    • "This is life.. Without these extras, this life is really meaningless. Let me not think too much here. Have to achieve at least something in my life!"
    Later, when caught in its network..
    • "You see, how things around you move and glow? What's the use of great talks in life except starving yourself? These luxuries could never have been mine otherwise!" 
    When got intoxicated under its influence..
    • "This is life.. I speak.. I rule.. I dictate.. There's nothing I can't do.. Just live a king's life; that's it.. This life is truly worthy of that!"
    When that has gone into the head..
    • "How can I leave all these? Forget about preachings and all that stuff.. Let me make use of this one opportunity in my life.. There is no separate Heaven else where.. This only is that!"
    On the D day..
    • “Oh my God, what will happen now? What 's the way out for me? I am squarely caught in a vicious circle from where there appears no escape.. Even Gods will not forgive me now.. My own people who were so close earlier feel that am alone the cause of their suffering now..
    • The friend who left me long back because I deviated is with all peace, happiness and contentment in his life and carries his own respect in the society.. He achieved the Ultimate in life where as I lost everything! 
    Dear XXXXXXX, Why did you leave me and go away from my life? At one stroke, I've become nothing without you by the side.. None else are able to fill your gap!"

    (XXXXXXX is left to guess as it is very much evident.. If can't get it, kindly click here.. Sorry for the little trouble!)

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    It's nothing but Honesty in my life!

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017

    NO DOUBT, 

    The rich man used to conduct elaborate Pujas at home on every occasion and great dignitaries used to participate in the Pujas and bless him.. In the process, he used to constantly drive his people complete their respective activities for each Puja to make it a great success.. 

    The friend who happened to visit him on each occasion used to see a Stranger waiting near his house.. Surprised, on a day he asked the Stranger why he was there.. The Stranger smiled and said, 

    "I too want to enter the house and bless the man.. But he had narrowed down the path for me to reach him through his constant 
    Expanding interest (desire), 
    Superior thinking (pride) and 
    Adamant approach (anger) 
    all along in his life.. I am stuck here!" 

    "Who are you?" 
    "I am God!" 

    The man who did not have so many riches too used to pray to God on every occasion to bless him saying, 
    "I don't want all those many things of life you gave to others.. Let me continue my small life with minimum growth so that I would never be looked down by my near and dear in this life!" 

    The friend who happened to visit him on each occasion used to see a Stranger waiting near his house.. Surprised, on a day he asked the Stranger why he was there.. The Stranger smiled and said, 

    "I want to enter the house and bless the man.. But he had narrowed down the path for me to reach him through his constant 
    Craving to be in his cocoon and not come out (attachment), 
    Dissatisfaction with what he has (greed) and 
    Comparison with the next man (envy) 
    all along in his life.. I am stuck here!" 

    "Who are you?" 
    "I am God!" 

    six, enemies

    Monday, April 3, 2017


    An age old story goes thus..

    Once 3 sculptors were questioned on how they felt about their work..

    • The first one said, “What else to feel? Continuously chipping out this stone!”
    • The second one replied with a smile, “Yeah! am bringing out a beautiful Angel out of this stone!”
    • The third famous sculptor burst out with an awe seen on his face, "Don't you see an angel imprisoned in this stone? I'm freeing her!” 
    That's how one's passion at work speaks!

    Where this passion prevails a 100%, the best in that context comes out. When it lies at a lesser level, no doubt the better will come out but the same can't be compared to the 'Ultimate' in the field. But, when the passion ceases to exist, monotony alone prevails and the job looks totally a burden!

    I may not know where my passion in my life lies but if that happens to be the field of my earning too, it's a situation of a perfect fit. Many times, I may not be that lucky as my interest will be one and work requirement will be another!

    Since existence is a primary requirement, my work should go on without a stop whatever may be my passion level..

    Here alone, I should become attentive. My passion may not exist at 100% percent, but sure some will lie in a corner at my work as I might have got my qualifications based on that alone and thus seen surely, it would be simmering.

    Let me protect that not so strong passion of mine through proper fencing, try to be more devoted all along and it may soon turn to be a passion of reasonable level as I involved for a longer time in that field with an initial seedling.

    If done so,

    • The first to be benefitted in this context is the family. I can soon feel their love and warmth towards me as indirectly am caring for their betterment, 

    • Next, my friends inspired by my dedication change themselves towards better and carry their good feelings towards me, 
    • My neighborhood feels that they have a responsible person with them, 
    • The small wage earners whom I employ for my works feel that their employer is truly supportive and they too become disciplined in their works and 
    • Ultimately with this strong back ground, my monies constantly flow in my life with peace reigning in my heart! 
    Then, where are the second thoughts here?

    Keywords: work, concentration, passion

    Saturday, April 1, 2017


    On the day the mom said, 
    "Dear!  It's time.. We got to go.. Come back to your car seat!"
    when the 1 yr+ Little One sat in his dad's lap holding the steering wheel with an unexplained smile on his face,
    the grand father smiled at the boy and said, 
    "Dear! He is very much learning thru' His little skills.. Let's help the boy by spending a little more of our time on him!"

    On the day the mom said, 
    "Dear!  I'm tired.. We got to go.. Get up and come away!"
    when the 2 yr+ Little One sat in the rocking car in the Play Area holding the steering wheel with an unexplained smile on his face,
    the grand father smiled at the boy and said, 
    "Dear! He is very much learning thru' His little skills.. Let's help the boy by spending a little more of our energies on him!"

    On the day the mom said, 
    "Dear!  I can't spend any more monies on your toy cars.. You made us buy so many costly models.. Stop doing that!"
    when the 3 yr+ boy holding his toy car started scratching that on the floor with an unexplained smile on his face,
    the grand father smiled at the boy and said, 
    "Dear! He is very much learning thru' His little skills.. Let's help the boy by spending a little more of our monies on him for these expenses.. We can cut down our spending somewhere else to balance!"

    On the day the mom said, 
    "Dear! You got to go home and study.. No more going round with your cars.. Get up and come!" 
    when the 4 yr+ boy sitting in his play car was crying for some more rounds of driving,
    the grand father smiled at the boy and said, 
    "Dear! He is very much learning thru' his little skills.. Let's help the boy by spending a little more attention on him.. His studies can wait!"

    On a day some one commented,
    "Dear! After possessing various scale model costly toy cars and sitting thru' many rides in those actual cars too, why are you after a car made of cardboard with nothing great to talk about it?" 
    when the 5 yr+ grown up kid seen sitting in own made card board car pretending driving with oral sounds,
    the grand father smiled at the boy and said, 
    "Yes..This learning in these 5 precious years of his life truly surpasses millions too had he been gifted with those at that point of time.. And that entire learning activity had finally made a lasting impression on his personality of certain confidence as you see him now!" 

    creativity, confidence