Wednesday, April 26, 2017


A King thought..
  • “I'm finding that people in my Kingdom are often breaking the rules. This is happening because the fines/punishments imposed in this context are light with fear among people reduced as in most cases they can get away with these lighter fines/punishments. To improve rule bound discipline among my people, let me increase the quantum of these fines/punishments ten fold so that people come to attention and become disciplined as needed!” 
The wise Minister straight away said,

“Your Majesty! This proposal will never work and on the other hand it is detrimental to the freedom of people and their welfare unless all equally can represent injustice at a reasonable level.. Let's try improving here and equally let us educate people on the right conduct!”

  • “Improving and reforming are long time processes and many times, the purpose itself would be forgotten there.. Let me implement this and discipline people if not thru' change, at least thru' fear!”
asserted the King and without further discussing with the Minister had straightaway gone ahead with his proposal, made a close Associate as the Chief for Implementation of the new Order and decided himself to impose the fines/punishments.

Days passed. As expected, the rule breaking had become instantly ‘NIL’ in the Kingdom as people were really afraid of huge fines and stringent punishments. The king was jubilant that he could achieve what he wanted.

But everywhere once in a way there will be an exception and here too soon it happened. A man was caught in rule breaking and was directly brought to the King. The King looked at him and asked,

  • “Why did you do this mistake knowingly well that you would be paying a huge fine as well as taking up severe punishment?” 
The man bowed down and said,

“Your Majesty! I did no mistake and I am innocent. One member from your Palace had visited me the day I won a fortune in an Official Lottery Scheme and said,

  • ‘Handover half of that money to me else I will take you to our King saying that you got this money in some shady deals. And you know the level of fines/punishments that can be imposed on you if I do that!’
But I did not agree to part with the money as I am poor, I needed that money very badly and I got that only after paying all the taxes. When I thus refused, I was forcibly brought here with a wrong case!”

The King was stunned with the reply. The Minister smiled and said in a soft tone,

“Your Highness did not perceive this equally happening while raising the limits of fines/punishments as those Rules are invariably taken light for themselves by the immediate Officials who are in charge of implementing them wherein questioning becomes equally tough for your Highness for reasons well known!”

Keywords: freedom, punishment

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