Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Once all of a sudden, a man had a 'Sizable Decision Making' in front of him and there were two distinct ways of doing that.
  • A straight forward way where in the least conflict was seen in Future but lots of work, turmoils and sacrifices immediately in the present.. 
  • A convenient way where in the immediate life appeared quite rosy but the coming up times seen laced with certain hazy problems..
For a while there was a dilemma with the man which path to follow. Equal number of Advices were around bringing out the pros and cons of both the paths..
  • "After all, it's your life that should be important. Do you want to miss many things now thinking of unseen better future? What for you should do any sacrifice now? Ultimately no one knows what's in store. It's better not to think too much on these lines. Just be happy with what's in front of you and try to make use of the best. Life is worth Living NOW!"
were few easy advices..
  • "After all, it's your life that should be important. You may miss many things now but your future is going to be totally problem free. What for you should yield here to the wrong? What's in store is surely the misery only if you yield. I advise you stop brooding and just rise to the occasion. Be happy with what's in front and try make the right use of that. Life is worth living NOW.. BUT FOR A CAUSE!" 
were the tougher advices..

The man at length chose the path of 'No Future Problems' which of course needed a few continuous sacrifices from his side immediately. But whatever said and done, he couldn't hop on to the other convenient path so easily!

After a few years, a well-wisher was at his doorstep. They both discussed for a while and the well-wisher straight away commended the man on the right path chosen by him. The man instantly felt very happy..

"The other path was really alluring. For a moment, I very much thought of following that. Thank God, luckily I never chose that path. Otherwise, what would have been my fate today?”

he said with an expressive feeling of a great satisfaction seen on his face. The well-wisher smiled and said,

"You are not for that path and even if you had been thrust in that direction, you would have come out soon making amends and would have surely embraced the Noble Path!"

“Sir! How do you say that so confidently?"

"Dear! The Almighty has His Own Eternal Plans for each and every one of us and we forever fit in there exactly. That's the exact reason why you are here on the earth today at the back of your own firmness and I'm too with you here at this moment to doubly confirm that!”

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