Monday, April 24, 2017


A young man approached a Saint in a Monastery and asked him a question thus..

“Reverend sir,  All Great People and the Great Books on Philosophy say that the Ultimate in life is..

'An individual should be happy!'

As I look at myself, I am finding that I am happy all the while to

  • Do my works sincerely,
  • Follow all the rules,
  • Lead a disciplined life and
  • Help the people in need all along.. 

No doubt my happiness is disturbed due to vagaries of life and  I sincerely believe that whatever be the situation I should come out of it and start a new life even though I haven't tested that in tough situations.. 

Above all, I daily Pray to God and sincerely believe that He alone is the Ultimate Care Taker!

Thus, I am finding that I am doing the best possible in my life and this way if my life is going on and can reasonably go on, what else I have to learn in a Monastery under the care of a Master?”

The Saint looked at the young man and said thus, 

“My dear! I agree that there is nothing you can learn here under my care beyond what you are doing presently as that is the best discipline of your life. Continue doing that way and lead your life happily. But promise me that you will not deviate from your discipline at any point of time in your life!”

The young man nodded his head, took Blessings from the Saint and left the place. As he left, a Disciple who was all the while listening to the conversation asked the Master,

"Master!  He wanted to know something beyond what he is doing presently but he was sent away without an answer!"

The Saint smiled at him and said, 

“Yes.. I could see that Question Mark on his face which I shouldn't answer now and had it not been there, he would not have approached me today. Let that Question remain with him. It needs to gain Momentum and the life he is going through presently alone gives that Momentum to it. When it does take place, he will surely be coming to me or going to a similar Place again and at that point of time alone he can get the Right Answer. Till that time, his present activities alone are safe for him and not beyond!”

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