Sunday, April 9, 2017


I should remember that it's forever an easier job for me to mend people to my line if attempted a bit seriously compared to leaving them to their freedom! 

‘Giving Away’, ‘Sharing’ and ‘Consuming the Required’ exactly fit my deep inner consciousness minimizing many of my conflicts within!

'What will happen?' is forever the wrong question at any time in my life and 'What should I do?' is the right one therein! 

Devoid of ethics I am surrounded by similar people who in course of time over power me, get their requirements achieved thru’ me and in the process side line me in the end and history repeated here many times! 

East or west, up or down, day or night ultimately as living is the aim, for no reason I should be healthy, happy and prosperous! 

Every time an action is to be carried out, there are two paths in front of me.. One gives the short term benefit and the other long term one.. And it's ever wisdom I choose the later one! 

I should constantly tell others only that I experience and there should be no place for imaginations! 

I should embrace simple life voluntarily, make others know my limitations and have not too many issues referred to me at any a time in my life! 

Aiming the highest without an exception, living the decent foregoing beyond and expecting the least all along makes me the tough personality in life! 

Problems never end and I should only be giving timely solutions and in the process should never expect appreciation from others! 



  1. Life is a never ending journey and it has ups and downs which will never ends till we get united with that supreme power which is all around.

    1. You said it right Ayantika.. Living close to Reality is forever the happy state of mind.. Thanks for the appreciative comment here!