Sunday, April 30, 2017


    • Life has to be just lived through, that's all; nothing more and nothing less of it at any point of time. Why not I make a note of this and just remain calm as much as possible in respect of the vagaries of life instead of calling it wonderful in times of prosperity and feeling a burden of it in times of down? 

    • I keep a portion of my Inner Thinking to myself and build fortresses to protect it. Alas! I don't know that this attitude alone makes me miserable many times in my life. Why not I be the same as much as possible 'In' and 'Out?' 
    • Between the Original Truth and what I perceive, few try make a living. Am I looking at some one as Savior in my life in this scenario? Better I drop such wild thoughts and work out concrete plans to streamline myself all my issues! 
    • I alternatively hold, keep off from, hold, keep off from people and often complain that people are never with me completely forgetting the fact that if I live with them sharing their problems, they are ever with me. Can I firm up now on this simple principle of a good living? 
    • I am interwoven into a complex network in respect my family from where I can truly free myself thru' a sincere service to the members of the family. Am I skipping this basic work very much with me at the moment and often beating round the bush to express the so called my freedom? 
    • What I can't do other man can always do and even can do better than me a few times. Can I have this reverence for others who join with me in my work whom many times I sideline feeling myself superior in the situation? 
    • If I haven't learnt truly to forgive and share in my life, I can never be free however disciplined I may be. Have I forgotten the basic fact here that unless Human Touch works, nothing improves? 
    • The King rules but the old King is always ruled. And a rich old man is no different from an ordinary old man in many ways. Should I not a make firm note here that power and money with me are only temporary and they never rescue me at one stage in my life? 
    • Whatever democratic ruling I may have and to whatever level the individuals' rights are protected therein, organized group-ism around invariably suppresses the individual expression without an exception. The plane of suppression discretely shifts to a side when I conveniently look the other side. Have I become sensitive to this indirect suppression in my own area? 
    • However stringent the rule of implementation be, exploitation forever exists beyond the boundaries and behind the doors. Can I help out here thru' my own saying 'No' to the gross pleasures of life around me as much as possible?

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