Friday, April 21, 2017


"What happened.. Bruises over the body?"

"Had a small scuffle with my associate over a trivial issue!"

"Scuffle? Why?"

"He was deviating from the right.. I tried to convince him for a while.. He never mended his way and got into an argument.. No go for me other than using some force.. That resulted in these injuries!"

"You should have convinced more in the situation instead of..."

"Sir! Even Lord Krishna said that you should fight and establish the Right instead of leaving the issues lightly.. There was no go for me at that moment and I had to do that.. I think I've done the right only!"

"Dear! No doubt the Great Kurukshetra War was fought to uphold Dharma and whoever opposed to that were treated as enemies and subsequently were ended in the War. In that context the closeness of individuals, relationships and age too were overlooked with a single aim of doing the Right..

But you should remember that before going for the Sacred War, Lord Krishna had equally taken up few processes of conciliation advising the Pandava Princes to forego some of their legitimate rights/possessions to the extent possible thus upholding the concept of certain self sacrifice as a crucial step to avoid a seemingly inevitable fight!

For an ordinary human being like me, the uphold of Dharma does take place at my own Level of understanding the Truth. In that context, controlling the so called

  • ‘Enemy to my actions’
becomes one of the duties with me.. And, this depth of perception in life is basically a quality where in how much I see the
  • ‘Enemy within’
and is equally interested to end that Enemy too!

Tell me now honestly..
  • Were you too ready here to look at the enemy within and make sincere attempts to question there to the extent naturally possible for you 
  • just were ready to suppress the enemy defined by yourself thru' a brute force at the earliest point of instigation?" 
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