Tuesday, April 18, 2017


A young Manager used to be strict at his work but unfortunately in a wrong way thru' a rigid discipline. His Boss observed that for a while and one day called the Manager to his cabin under the pretext of some work.

As the discussions were on, the landline phone rang up.. The Boss was on his mobile phone and so the Manger picked up the call. Instantly the Boss shouted at him,

"Why did you pick up my phone?"

The Manager was hurt with the questioning but kept quite.

The Boss continued to be busy with his mobile phone and again the landline rang up. Remembering his Boss's earlier reaction, the Manager didn't pick up the phone. The Boss ended his mobile call, looked at his Manger and said,

“You should have picked up the phone!”

That was enough for the Manager to lose his cool.

“What are you talking, Sir? How do I know the importance or non importance of your calls? You can't just show your authority on me as you like!”

he shouted at the Boss in fit of rage.. The Boss allowed him to do that, looked at him and said,

“Yes, dear! I was sure authoritative in a wrong way.. But tell me, are you too not authoritative beyond as Boss in your area?"

“What are you saying?  I am just strict with my people for good results.. That's all.. Not questioning them as I like!"

“My dear! It may not be this type of questioning but in the name of being strict with your subordinates, have you forgotten that there are human beings behind in doing that work, they have their own personality of expression and you are indirectly killing that expression thru' suppression out of a fear in you that if not done so you may lose control over them?"


"Yes dear! Your people may be here for your work but equally are there to express themselves too thru' that work. You should make them work of course without an exception but in the process you should

  • Allow them give their ideas and suggestions
  • Try implementing those which suit your work and
  • Commend them thru a certain recognition for that!
Remember, the time you spend in these activities is never a waste and it comes back to you only as a big motivation for your people in doing their work better.. To make you understand how the suppression looks like, I pretended and made the 2 calls from my mobile phone to the landline just now!”

While leaving, the Boss remarked,
  • “When the Great Leader strictly refused leave to many of his soldiers on disciplinary grounds but allowed one to go as his mother was sick, one soldier straight away questioned him on the delinquency shown at the same time. To that, the Great Man smiled and replied, 
“Dear! You are right. But the discipline I insist is for a soldier alone and not for  the one who is a son too!”
Keywords: work, discipline, freedom

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