Friday, April 28, 2017


With my age, with my grey hair and at the back of a valuable experience of facing many turmoils of life..
  • To ever ready to point out saying that the young are eternally nothing with no wisdom of action 
Never giving a chance to listen to them on what they say or wish to say? 

  • To constantly maximize my monies with a false pride in me saying, ‘It’s mine as I earned all this' instead of saying with all coolness in me, 'It's theirs too and am just a Trusty to this presently!’ 
As the Truth forever witnesses this wealth to the last Rupee being passed on to them alone after me? 

  • To refrain equal number of times supporting the young under my care to grow beyond with a false hope and prejudice in me that ‘I did the best and I don't want to spend anymore here.. It's now their turn to fend themselves and grow!’ 

When actually they could have grown a little better thru’ that extra spending from my side?
  • To try guide the young many times in line of my thinking and perceptions often repeating the Saying ‘Old is Gold!’ 
Equally forgetting the fact that 'Old too was Cruel many times in its own ways?'
  • To often refrain the young from going ahead with their plans eternally stating that there are perils in all the so called 'New' without solid experience of life 
Who, no doubt may lack experience but definitely have the 'Vibrant Newness' which does its own wonders when allowed to be expressed freely?
  • To expect the young around me give due respect to my maturity and experience 
When I myself don't originally carry that respect towards their Vibrant Living?
  • To ever murmur that I had not been taken care and not given due importance by the young around me 
When I could have done that to me by myself streamlining my energies and the capacities?

  • To criticize the young again and again for their immature behaviors 
When my own behaviors of the past were no way better?

  • To cut off from the young the moment they firmly decide to stop me ruling over 
Thus eternally going into my own cocoon of seclusion and loneliness forever in my life? 

And finally to say
  • To turn to God at the earliest opportunity saying ‘God! When do these youth learn to behave?’
When that same God is wholly with them in their
  • Ingenuity, 
  • Straightforwardness, 
  • Newness and 
  • Adventurous Spirit? 
Keyword: maturity

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