Monday, May 29, 2017


"See my dear! There's no problem. You have to just do it and forget about it. That's what I expect you to do here. It's that simple. Okay?"
  • "I understand.. But.."
"Don't worry about the extra costs involved here.. They are all well within control. I promise.. You'll never be put to hardship in respect of these finances. I'm ready to give some advance to you to start the work. Satisfied?"
  • "That's all okay.. My problem is..." 
"Okay.. Okay.. I got it. You will be away for few days and are worried about certain personal issues to be resolved in that context. My Assistant will work for you to help out in these matters. That way your issues will be well taken care of.. So you are on the job!"
  • "Actually, all that what you say is not the problem.. I feel..." 
"Yaar! You mean a dedicated network should be at your disposal to take care many issues on the spot. No problem, my group which works on these issues will be fully at the disposal of your orders and..... Ok.. I'm leaving now.. You will brief me in the evening on the progress made!"
  • "No.. Not all these are the issues... I want to..." 
"Right.. I got your point.. You wanted some more monies.... Okay.. Are you satisfied with....? "
  • "You are not allowing me to say..." 
"Okay.. Got it.. You wanted that file of yours pending since so many days should be approved.. I promise, I'll personally talk to.... and.... I agreed to every requirement of your here and made you the happiest.. In fact, you should thank me now.. Right?"
  • "None of these are my issues and I don't want anything from your end in this line!" 
"What are you saying dear? What's your problem here?"
  • "I don't want to do the job you are forcing me to do as I feel it's wrong on my part to take up such jobs. I'm sorry I cant helps here, whatever you say. Give me the right job in it's place, I'll sure do it without any support and I'm happy to do that!"
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Saturday, May 27, 2017


  • Adverse comments are often made by me in the absence of a person because the cornered man is totally defenseless there. Do I have the real courage to do the same in front of the person? 
  • Such comments from me on the other man exposes nothing but my low self esteem. Why am I ridiculing myself thus in front of all? 
  • Further, the moment such words cross my tongue, they have their own astronomical speed of spreading around over which I quickly lose my control with others taking away the bridle in no time. Why am I exposing myself so badly? 
  • The members in my group who are a party to my this commenting are either the ones like me who can equally do the same to me in my absence or may be having much bigger plans in that direction. Am I not dangerously exposing myself here? 
  • A friend on this date or a future friend will surely be lost through this nefarious act. And a permanent enemy zone is automatically created around me without a say. What am I aiming ultimately? 
  • The serious question here is.. Why am I doing this at all? May be there is no serious work with me worth doing. Am I really a no great contributor in life? 
  • 'It's a way of relaxation to relieve the stress within!' I may say.. The question is.. Have my relaxation techniques stooped down to such low levels? 
  • There is always a 'black' on my back. The habit of such commenting very much makes me forget it's existence. And a supporting statement like, "We too have defects but we never showed up like this!" covers up that permanently. What am I ultimately doing? 
  • His is one way of life and mine is another way. Both are purely the relative ways of living in the eyes of the Almighty. Where's it said that mine is superior? 
  • My four walls are part of the Universe. I live on the same Planet as the other man. I look many ways like him only. I express and expand like him only. I exist and finally exit like him only. Would I be so much different in the issue I am talking of here? Even if different, how does it matter when the end is the same for both of us? 
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Friday, May 26, 2017


I was too tired with the incessant works pouring in at the back of a few sleepless nights. I had to

  • Constantly monitor certain movements around, 
  • Keep a continuous watch on the likelihood hold-ups and 
  • See that the many loose ends were tied up in time..
Till the planned function would become truly a success.

Being the senior member of the big joint family, I could not let off the issues go so easily. Of course, I could have taken a nap and rested when others were asleep. But that was the exact time, I had to do certain own personal and other odd jobs. And seen from any angle, that was sure the wisdom in the situation!

Once the D-Day was over, the whole time would be mine and I could sleep long, long hrs if I wished so. Then none would be put to hardship and peace would be ruling in every one’s mind. And it was just 2 more days to go and better say bye to sleep as much as possible!

That afternoon after lunch, I was ready with my activities. And there was an impasse for a while. As I was tired beyond, I just rested for a while in my easy-chair watching all round giving my continuous advice to people who were moving here and there

  • Listening to that, 
  • Doing their works and 
  • Equally communicating between themselves..
Slowly I became
  • Silent and dull as my watching continued, 
  • Words from my lips coming out on their own but were broken,
  • In no time became whispers and
  • Finally stopped as my eyes closed myself tilting to a side slowly resting my head against the pillow.. 
Seeing that, the members might have left me ‘As Is’ and were busy with their own activities.

Time moved on..

In between I got up twice but strangely felt myself surrendering to my sleep knowingly well my responsibilities at that point of time at the back of hustle and bustle going on around. As I remember,

  • The hustle and bustle looked so soothing to my ears, 
  • The hazy movements of the people in front slowly disappeared and 
  • Soon I was into a deep sleep..
Someone was seen gently waking me up after a certain time..

"It’s 5 PM. Everything is ready. Now we have to move on. Please wake up!”

I slowly opened my eyes. And it took about 5 minutes for me to come to my full senses.

What had happened? It looked around all cool and relaxing. Nothing went wrong and all were ready to move to the Spot for the Final Show.

As the I looked at my watch to my astonishment I noticed that a time of approx 3 hrs elapsed without my single thought, word and action being in picture.. Luckily during that time,

  • The movements were exact,
  • the links were well connected and 
  • the plans were fully accomplished
With a beaming face, I got readied in minutes and soon moved on to the venue and subsequently the planned Function went on in full swing to my satisfaction..

That night, my mind was at it's peak with joy .. The so much loved job, planned for so many days in advance, meticulously followed towards completion no doubt had a slippage of about 3 hrs vigil but successfully.. 'Done and dusted!'

I shouted heartfelt within.. "It's my achievement!"

And Right at that point of time, Slokah 47 Chapter II from Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard on the distant loud speakers being recited melodiously with meaning explained in parallel..

'karmany evadhikaras te ma phalesu kadacana
ma karma phala hetur bhur ma te sango stv akarmani'

'You certainly have right for prescribed activities but never at anytime in their results. You should never be motivated by the results of the actions, nor should there be any attachment to doing your prescribed activities!'

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The conversation between 2 men went on thus..

“I get invariably a few dreams when I sleep!”
“So nice! Are they sweet dreams?”
“No! Most of the time they turn out to be bad dreams only!”
“Oh, I see! But it’s OK.  Any dream is always worth having it!”
“Not bad dreams alone.. Some of them are very bad dreams!”
“Is it so?”
“Yes! And of late, these bad dreams are turning out to be nightmares too!”
“Oh, I see! Strange!”
“And some of these nightmares are too scary. When I wake up from such dreams, I'll be almost shivering and sweating!”
“Oh! My God! Are they so bad?”
“Yes.. Really so.. Don't you dream in your sleep?”
“How nice.. You are really a lucky man!”
“Actually, not so!”

“I’ve a chronic Sleep Problem. Most of the times I don't sleep and even if I sleep for a short time too, it's just a disturbed one always!”

Thus for a man, his own problem may look very big and he may be under the impression that the rest of the world is happily doing their jobs and living their life in spite of the fact many times the man next to him is having a greater problem at the same instant in the same direction..

Such a specific outlook is called cynical approach where in the impression forever with me would be, 

‘Every one, every where all the time is happy and I am alone forever left out to be unhappy!’

But let me look at myself once closely..

  • Being born in a good family,
  • Brought up by lovable parents, 
  • Ever surrounded by siblings and close family members,
  • Having made use of the education facilities around to an optimum level,
  • Having got into a job with certain earnings and
  • Thus settled in life at the back of reasonable good health and well-being with may not be the best of everything but sure the average of many I'm much, much better off..

And instead of constantly getting worried that 

My glass is largely empty, 

Let me feel happy that 

What is full is good enough for me 

With a further feeling that the Almighty truly bestowed upon me these certain plus for making use of in the right way so that I can bring up myself to a level with a few more added to it wherein I continue my life at a decent level and become useful to those who lack that basic life!'

Should I straight away embrace such a vibrant life very much feasible for me at this moment or go on condemning myself endlessly for not getting/having something with me in this life?

.. My wisdom alone will truly answer this!

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Monday, May 22, 2017


A young man suddenly felt great urge towards Spiritual Life and was very much fascinated by the lives of Ascetics and Saints. He regularly started attending the Spiritual Discourses given around in his area, reading the Spiritual Books found in Libraries and in Reading Centers and getting himself engrossed in all the matters related to Spirituality.

  • “If I can't dance to my own tune, what's the use of this life?"
Thus he used to speak out very often.

The young man's parents were worried. No doubt he got educated and was doing a good job but they expected him to settle in his life. They at length sought the advice of a well-wisher who promised to help them out in that scenario.  Accordingly on a day, the well-wisher met the young man and straight away said,

  • "Dear! Why not we visit the Great Monastery near by......... and seek blessings of the Master of the Sacred Shrine?" 
The young man instantly was thrilled and agreed to go there along with the well-wisher. They both planned a visit of 3 days to the Shrine and in that context made a few travel and lodging arrangements for the same. The well-wisher said,
  • "When we are there for 3 days, let's go through the specific life aspects of the Great Saint which can be a model of living for us!"
And the young man instantly agreed to all that said.
As they thus started going through certain Life Aspects of the Great Saint, they came across a Life Event of the Great Man wherein the Great Saint having totally resigned from the Mundane life and truly leading an Ascetic Life too took up a specific earthly responsibility posed to Him on an occasion.

When the Great Saint was meditating, the Saint’s mother in the last moments of her life was brought by few disciples to the Master. When asked by the Master, the mother feebly replied,

  • "I want to spend my last moments here by resting in your lap!” 
The Master immediately held her, kept her head on His lap and thus rested her for a while. And it so happened that she passed away thus in peace.. Subsequently, the Master asked the disciples to take her body away and do the rest as there was nothing he had to do there further as a Man of Renunciation and thus got back into His Meditation!

At that point of time, the well-wisher looked at the young man, smiled and said,
  • "Dear! Do you see how the Great Saint of the Earth who was totally freed from the mundane life except from traces of it too felt about discharging of His basic responsibility when confronted with a situation thus? That way seen it's a long, long, long way before the mundane responsibilities of ours fall off from us and we are freed.
  • Further, if one who forcibly embraces the Ascetic Life at the back of inherent mundane interests, sure spoils his own life and beyond spoils the Serene Spiritual Environment too around him where he tries to fit in vain!
Then tell me now, what's the true dancing tune of yours at this stage of your life.. Leading a life with the attached core responsibilities or embracing Spiritual Life in total by renouncing all those responsibilities?

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Sunday, May 21, 2017


When on an occasion warned that the enemy was too powerful and could straight do a certain damage, the Great Man smiled and said,

  • "They may torture me or they may kill me.. Nothing more they can do.. And I'm ready for both!"
On another occasion, when the enemy warned Him that they could take away His possessions, He further said,
  • “You may take away anything from me but not my Will Power!” 
Such an indomitable courage of facing the ultimate threat is sure never with me this day and I'm truly far away from this type of assertion. So to say, it's definitely an ideal situation with respect to me as that 'Divine Strength' is/was never with me.

It indirectly means.. I can never challenge at that level and not even much, much the lower level and if at all I do so at any time, that's only under a fit of emotion, that will never stand the test of time and sooner or later I would sure be overpowered.

But it never means that I'm not for that and a trial by me in that direction should never be avoided as there alone always lies my true strength in this world. In front of such a trial, my money and my power are always less and the trial is much superior in that way. And this particular trial is definitely in a different direction of normal living well known to me.

In this activity, I start negating all that in front and start questioning constantly that with the powerful tools with me Viz;

“Why, What, Where, When, Who, Which and How?”

Such an Investigation is truly timeless and in front of that, the life span is far less.. Here the destination is never visible but the resistance from the world is continuous at simmering levels but no despair, the Goal is certain.

Further, the world constantly mesmerizes and at anytime when I am amused by the same, the Elevation Process halts temporarily. That's the true 'Block' to progress in this Path.

If that happens I alone have to realize, get up from where I am and once again start moving ahead with all steadfastness towards the Eternal Happiness. This Path, by itself is ever Blessed with the Joy of its own that would truly be firming up my faith to move further in this direction towards the Ultimate!

But no despair as that alone is the ultimate way to happiness, this moment even though I am far away from this strength, I shouldn't deter and never leave the matter but continue with a feeling within..

“I am bigger than you!"

and with a undaunted faith sing within myself endlessly..

“We shall overcome
We shall over come
We shall overcome some day
Oh, deep in my heart,
I do believe
We shall overcome, someday

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Friday, May 19, 2017


I had a perennial problem in my life for which I sought endless solutions.. 
But all those solutions appeared temporary only the problem continuing in some way or the other with me if not direct, in a discrete way.

At last many well wishers suggested that I should visit the local Library, start reading books on the subject problem and noting down the solutions given there in, try one by one, in time evaluate myself which solution best works for me and finally adapt the same..

No doubt, that looked interesting and I visited the Library in my area, straight went to the sections other than fiction and started looking for a way out for my problem which many times never appeared direct in any book and I had to make a thorough search there in.. In fact to say, I have to do a research on the subject matter.

But I found myself unlucky there as the solutions described there in which I tried to adapt did not yield a good result..

"What is the way out then?" was my constant question within..

Some one suggested, "For problems like yours, there's no direct solution. In fact, man made solutions forever are inferior for such problems. Why don't you make a habit of reading fictional books where in life is described in many ways with the associated twists and turns at the back of it's own problems and solutions.

And by adapting a deciphering process, you soon may find a solution to your problem or get lost into a different world with its own ups and downs and as you identify yourself there in, you may find a certain relief from your problem!"

That looked a bit odd to me but who knows sometimes solutions other than direct will work for problems of my nature which are more of not physical in nature..

With such an aim, I started reading many books of wonderful stories with meaningful messages and soon as that became a habit with me, my problem appeared become less ever supporting the Saying that 

'Books are the best friends!'

Thus I continued living in my own world of myself identifying with some of the characters of fiction I read and tried to forget my basic problem which equally appeared to be the the right solution ultimately..

But not in total till a day I got a glimpse of the Sacred Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita in the Racks of Philosophy..

Call it fiction or non fiction, it really doesn't matter as I've gone deep into the philosophy of life by reading the Great Book from end to end, I suddenly noticed that the problem I experienced in life is no problem at all and in fact that is only called 'Life' and I only mistook that to a problem.

Thus Srimad Bhagavad Gita had taught me the true spirit of living at the back of various problems of life by the side

  • With a smile, 
  • With an attitude of service to humanity,
  • With a feeling of identifying with Cosmic Oneness where in the phenomenon merges with noumenon!
And in time as it is said, 

'Truth is stranger than fiction',

those glimpses of truth alone brought a glow to my other wise dull life forever showing me a path wherein..

'I am made to see a problem as not a problem but task in front throwing away part of my ignorance and thus rise in my life as I start dismantling the endless walls of selfish expression I built around and make way for a service attitude enter my life non stop thereby finding a greater meaning to my life day after day thru' the sub-genre therein Viz; 

'The Selfless Actions' 

with the 2 Slokas of the Great Book ever conveying what to do in the crisis situation thus..

'matra-sparshas tu kaunteya sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah
agamapayino’nityas tams titiksasva bharata'

(Chapter II Verse 14)

“The mere contact of Senses as is, O Son of Kunti, cause heat and cold, pleasure and pain. They come and go and they are impermanent. Endure them bravely, O descendant of Bharata!"


'tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara
askto hy acaran karma param apnoti purasah'

(Verse 19 Chaper III)

'Without attachment, without interruption perfectly perform prescribed actions since by performing those actions a person achieves the highest good!'

Perfectly befitting to my problem and the very much needed solution!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Well before shifting to a new place..

“I don't like that place at all. I had personally visited the area a few days back. The place has too many problems of its own never noticed in my present area.

  • First of all it's a remote area and isn't well connected to the city at all. Distances are more everywhere. 
  • Here, for everything you have to struggle. And commuting to that place at night is truly an hectic task.
  • The people of the place look some what different. It appears, they are more suspicious of every thing.
  • I see the streets dark in the night. No proper street lighting. In these days of crime around, how much are we safe in such areas?
  • And, if an emergency strikes suddenly, where to run? By the time the Ambulance arrives, it would be easily an hour and the emergency may be in minutes.
  • Also getting any item for daily use is truly a Herculean Task in that place.

My present place has none of these problems. It's really a great place. I love my place. 

How nice it would be had I been allowed to continue staying here for the rest of my life?”

After a while shifting to the same place..

“This place seems very much alright. From distance, it appeared that it has problems but most of them are only imagined. In reality, they aren't the problems at all. 
  • People may say that this place is a remote area, but after shifting here for a single day also, I never felt that the place is remote. Going for work is never a problem as good transportation is available from here. And the beauty here is that everything is connected in its own style and that way ultimately we feel all are nearer only.
  • Coming to this place even at mid night too has a its own facility which works so perfect forget about the day time commuting for normal requirements.
  • Many people around have become familiar by now. They'll never go without smiling and wishing even if they are in urgency and that seems to be the uniqueness of this place.
  • Here a few times, streets may be a little dark in the night but when people are well known and very friendly, how does that matter? And what's the great use of bright lights at night in a place where crime is rampant?
  • Meeting an emergency? It's nothing. Local help is instantly available which will take care of the prime problems on the spot. You know, the system is so perfect; nothing goes wrong at any time in these matters. Even in the middle of cities, people had suffered for not getting the help in time.
  • I find that for essentials, even though you have to struggle a little, that struggle is really sweet. We, few friends always go together for such works and spend a good time in the company of one another. 
I am very happy in my new place. It's really a great place. I love my place. 

How nice it would be if I buy a piece of land in the surroundings in the right time and make my own house?”

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

  • “I'm retired doesn't mean that I am gone totally. Good exercise, healthy food and active work in some other direction will still keep me going on and make me fit in my life at this point of time. Here after, that’s going to be my life and 
In that way I live my retired life too 'King-size!'”

thus firmed up a retired man and started following that regime to core till a day as they say.. 'When it comes to steps, they truly speak of the man’s age' it so happened that he attempted too fast at some thing, had a big catch which led to some other thing and thus the program had to close permanently with the man made to rest for a long time..

  • “I'm retired doesn't mean that I am gone totally. Life in fact is what you look at it and how you wish to be. In the market there are many products which truly make you look smart and not that old. Let me make use of them liberally and start expressing myself the way I want. Here after, that’s going to be my life and 
In that way I live my retired life too 'King-size!'”

thus firmed up another retired man and started following that regime to core till a day when the excess use of all that had it's great effect in a negative direction with the man advised to discontinue all that and live a simple life. Any one who looked at him at that point of time, felt that he had suddenly grown 10 years more older!

  • “I'm retired doesn't mean that I am gone totally. May be my work capabilities in general have come down but the maturity and advising capacities of mine are still intact. And none around me have all that. Means.. Indirectly, I'm a king in the field, I'll rule people and people should look up to me for solutions to their problems. Here after, that’s going to be my life and 
In that way I live my retired life too 'King-size!'”

thus firmed up the third retired man and started following that regime to core till a day a few determined young men opposing his domination straight away showed him his position. And he was deeply hurt and was totally down!

  • “Through retirement, I successfully crossed a stage of my active life and the monies and other facilities earned / given to me are enough to lead my further life peacefully. Here, I've my own left out energies meant to be used for my body maintenance and for people around me for their betterment at my own level. 
  • I am the grandfather now and the little ones around me are looking up at me for my participation in their eternal learning. God has made us in such a way that their energies and my energies approximately match so that we can interact in our own ways. 
  • Beyond this, I don't have much to tell the young as Mother Nature Herself is their Great Teacher and they learn more through that interaction alone except for a supportive role to be given from my end. 
  • Any how life is tapering off, the skies are meeting the earth in the horizon and that way this life comes to an end. It's really an interesting phenomenon in Nature, I join in this Great Program and thus live through the last part of my life!"

was the humble belief of the fourth retired person.

Said it very much right.. 

That man alone lived his retired life truly 'King-size' till the end!

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Monday, May 15, 2017


The 4 dynamic men well positioned in the society on a visit to a place were quite annoyed with what they experienced all along. A few hands were quickly out at number of places and something constantly was heard..

"Please help me!”

No doubt they helped out there but equally were angry.

  • "It's too much.. The easiest path chosen by some of these people if not all. They don't want to work even though they are capable and resort to this practice.. What a pity!"
  • "Often greed is at the back of this evil. It has just become a disease in the society.. You know a few of them make riches we can never imagine.. Recently I got those figures and you won't believe........!"
  • "I say.. It's just the sincerity that is very much lacking here. May be someone's hard earned money but easily coming into my hands.. Why say no?"
  • "Whatever said and done, I don't like the way they pester people around.. Isn't it shameful to stand in front of some one with extended palms and and go on asking......?"
Soon back to their place they were on their mobile phones..
  • "Hello.... Is it....? Sir, I'm Rajesh.. Yes.. Yes.. One phone call from you..... is good enough.. Rest I'll take care.. Of course, my present job is good but when you look at the work schedules, you yourself suggest me the change.. The job in the other Dept. has no such running round and is really peaceful. Presently I need this change.. 
Please help me!"
  • “Sir, I'm Dinesh.. How are you? I've retired last month. You know, what it means when the earning suddenly stops and there's no way of making such money in future. Sir! I left a Note Sheet on your table before retirement for your perusal and approval. I need this job very badly.. 
Please help me!”
  • “Hello! This's Suresh.. Yeah.. You got me.. Sir.. The reason why I rang up is.. We are in the Financial Year end and for my Company and from this year I'm in charge of..... and I've to show the Figures. I’ll explain you everything. Here you will gain and I will gain. Am coming home tomorrow.. 
Please help me!”
  • “Sir! I am Mahesh! Hope you remember me. Last week, you were at our Place asking for some items. Sir.. Tomorrow, I will bring a Form to you. You have to just fill up a few details of yours and sign. Rest, I’ll take care. This Form, you know is really useful to get me a quick promotion and I very badly need this presently..
Please help me!”

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Saturday, May 13, 2017


It was early morning rain and it's said that the morning rain never stops. But I, the newly promoted Manager had to move on to my Office in that continuous rain. And I shouldn't be late as the Boss never liked it.

I thus waded thru' waters and after a hectic travel of 45 minutes, finally reached my Office half wet but in time. As I was drying myself quickly over a cup of hot coffee served on my table, the telephone rang. The Boss wanted me in his Cabin immediately.. I gulped the coffee, rushed to the Boss Cabin and wished him with a smile..

The Boss was busy looking into a few papers and without raising his head said, ‘Dear! Our Client called for a Meeting in their Office at 10 AM today.. I can't come as I have a meeting with our GM in the same time.. You please attend the Meeting and brief me when you return, OK?”

Having no chance to speak a single extra word other than saying ‘Yes, Sir!’ I quickly moved out looking at my watch. It was already 9 AM. The Company vehicle was ready, I got into that and soon was at the Client's Office and in the non stop rain.

To my bad luck, the meeting with the Client ended in a tug of war where I became a mute witness to an argument between the Client and another powerful Group. The meeting closed abruptly and I was asked to leave.

Quite tensed up, I returned and as I wanted to brief the Boss on the outcome of the meeting, I got a strict instruction from his Secretary that I should resolve the latest issue with the Client myself only as he didn't want to become a party to that conflict..

I felt bad that ultimately I had to give testimony for the coming up of war and instantly got dejected for a while but soon firmed up in my mind, 'Let me face it!' I thus continued my afternoon left out work and by the time I completed all, it was just 15 minutes to the closing hrs of 4 PM..

Having done a hard day's work of running round, I felt like going home 15 minutes early and relax as my family was away at my Native place..

I switched off the mobile phone for a while and straight headed home.. Soon I reached my home but to my bad luck, a bore well digging machine was seen next to my home working at its full with a deafening noise spread out around..

I turned the key and stepped in. What I saw....

in the semi darkness straight was the light glowing from the landline phone with the ringing sound almost unheard amidst deafening noise around. I quickly closed the door and as I picked up the phone, the Boss's voice was instantly heard at the other end..

  • “You went away early today and switched off your mobile phone? I was struggling to contact you.. How can you go away like that without informing me and switching off your mobile phone as you like? I'm not happy dear..
  • Okay.. Listen.. our Client wants you to go with him tomorrow itself on out station duty to.... to resolve the issue that came up in today's morning meeting.. I'll brief you on the details and the immediate preparation required at your end on this..
  • And I want to discuss with you on the outcome of my today's meeting with our GM and you have to take up immediately the task of........
  • My driver will be at your door step in half hr time to pick you up.. Please be ready!"
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How many times you made me fall flat in my life thru' your ever played gimmicks all along making me totally lose my 
Yes.. All these days sure, I was helplessly doing what all you said thinking that that's my life as you, thru' the 
of yours depicting your true colors and happily embossing your name on the front of these 
were ever ready to.. 

Jeopardize the interests of the other man outwardly making me put up a great love show.. 
Endanger one's safety all along myself seemingly looking harmless outward but burning within..
Attack the other with no lesser intensity but silently with an ever flowing lava from the erupting volcano within me.. 
Lure the opponent at the earliest opportunity to the wrong side thru' my sweet words and with a never seen closeness..
Overpower the man miles away too making me content with an explosion of a 1000 piece blast within.. 
Unleash the built-in hatred of mine the moment a favorable footing is assured at the back of days' together prepared plan of destruction..
Sob profusely with my crocodile tears on occasions when the other man get's into a certain trouble all along making me jump within over the downfall in front and 
Yield temporarily to a simmering anger of the other making me show the required obedience therein to retain the reins of control ever with me! 

No doubt bent upon with such destructive intentions, you have held me all my life but not any more because today at this
by my side all of a sudden decided to 
and pull me out from the traps of these quicksands that surround me by teaching me a
'Whenever such colors start showing up, I should without a second thought, instantly get into the well defined ordained duties of mine in front looking neither this nor that side, complete all that in time and further relax awaiting for the next duty as when I miss this discipline only the demon takes over me!' 


Wednesday, May 10, 2017


As a Rule bound Manager..

“Mr Vignesh!

Listen to me.. your papers can't be processed further as the rules don't permit this change.. P'lI drop this and get back to your activities.. No more discussions and wasting time on this issue pl!”

When promoted as HOD..

“Mr Suresh! 

Have you forgotten that am the Chief Executive here? If you've any respect for my posting, pl don't argue any more.. When I say this can't be granted, it can't be.. Okay, From now onwards, you are on your job.. Understand?”

As a GM..

“Mr. Ganesh! 

Yaar, you should improve the functioning of your Dept. Work hard and get some good results at least this year. Let your Assistants.. Sorry.. I forgot their names.. Yeah..

Those Suresh and Vignesh..

Let them become better! I've no option other than being after the results for these 2 yrs of my tenure here!”

Immediately after the Superannuation..

“Mr Ganesh! 

I'm just making this call and hope am not disturbing you. I put up my Note File 3 months before my retirement for a 2 year reappointment on Contract basis in our Dept. Shortly, the File would be routed to you. Please okay this and the rest I’ll follow up.. Otherwise, how's life? Hope everything is fine!"

Strengthening the Contract Appointment..

“Mr Suresh! 

"Congrats on your promotion as HOD.. It's good that Mr Ganesh has moved out. You are the right person here.. Sir.. one small request.. My Contract is coming to an end in 3 months and there's provision for one more year of extension. Pl help me out here and I would be totally a help to you in all the new works. By the way, how is the family doing? Convey my wishes for them!” 

Finally, catching the last straw..

“Mr. Vignesh! 

 It's me. I heard that you are In-Charge now. It is a right decision on the behalf of Management.  Sir, One point.. I understand that our Company is interested in hiring few Retired people till the age of 67 years and am interested in this. I would be really helpful to you in your area and that keeps me too engaged at this point of time.. If you help me out here........... By the way, I heard that your son had passed this year with Distinction.. Congrats. He is sure in your footsteps. OK, Sir! Good night and I await for a call from you!”

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

  • A Professional is rarely free and is ever hard to get one for the job where as
The Layman will be 100% at the doorsteps the moment a call goes with no place to go else where..
  • A Professional tries max to retain supply of essentials as the work moves on without causing any disturbance to the people around where as 
The Layman straight away cuts off the essentials the moment the great promised(?) work starts putting every one to a great inconvenience..
  • A Professional silently does the work as others become busy with their own where as 
The Layman makes every one stop their work and pay full attention to the much claimed special work going on around..
  • A Professional can directly work under the heat of sun for hrs together where as 
The Layman just fails in no time even in cool shade..
  • A Professional invariably devotes himself/herself to the work in front for hours together where as 
The Layman without hesitation debates on the contents of that for equal number of hrs..
  • A Professional takes care of 'A to Z' as he/she works through with all sincerity where as 
The Layman too takes care there but only at 'A' and 'Z' leaving all the loose knots in between..
  • A Professional rarely asks to check back where as 
The Layman often repeats the words ‘Check it! Is it OK?’ and proceeds only when you say, 'Don't worry; go ahead!'
  • A Professional closes his/her job with a firm note ‘No further issues!’ where as 
The Layman too does that but with an assertion, ‘In case there is a problem....’
  • ‘Silence and soft notes’ are forever the 'Back Drop' of a Professional where as 
‘Noise and loud talk’ are forever the 'Left Outs' of the Layman..

Finally to say..
  • A Professional no doubt is a Wonder of God’s Creation everywhere where as 
The Layman is sure a Curse from Satan in our neighborhood!

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Saturday, May 6, 2017


It's not just one quote here but the 2 quotes together interwoven alone seem to make my life full and invariably I have to say the 2 quotes of the Great Saint together Viz.,

  • 'Truth is as hard as rock but simultaneously is as soft as butter!' 

  • 'Like the mother who leaves her child to play, the Almighty leaves His devotees when they are amused around but like the same mother who runs and embraces her child the moment the child loses interest in play and cries for her, the Lord too takes His devotees into His Fold the moment help is sought with all sincerity!'
And the two instances quoted in our Sacred Books in respect of these 2 Quotes go thus..
  • When King Yudhisthira with all humility asked the Lord what to do if the toughest situation surfaces, Lord Krishna gave him a folded Write-up and asked him to open only when the situation would become the toughest. At one point of time, the situation was felt by the King as the toughest and when he opened the Write-up, a message was seen there Viz.. 
'Even this will pass!'

  • When the mighty Elephant King Gajendra relaxing in his favorite waters was suddenly caught by a huge crocodile, the next moment the powerful King found that all his power, strength and stamina were nothing in the situation. But not losing heart with a deep devotion, as he instantly prayed to Lord Vishnu in total surrender, 
The Lord the next moment moved from His Abode unprepared, reached the spot and relieved the Elephant King from the clutches of the ferocious crocodile!

In our life tense moments do come and go and there is a definite agony and confusion during that period with no meaning to the on-going eternal pursuit of issues in front all the zeal suddenly becoming zero with no energy to move a step forward.

But that's never the end. Hold the breath, wait patiently doing the required for the moment. Suddenly a flash would be seen sooner or later. And here patience alone is the virtue and nothing else. A ray of hope with the beginning of a set of new activities and new challenges to face. In fact, life would be seen not really that much hopeless as appeared earlier.

Further to this, the right actions would be very much seen in front with a message that the earlier pursued wrong actions had to be braked and the energies had to be diverted towards the 'Right.' 'Do the Best Possible' is the Message attached therein.. With such a Sacred Message, the moments would become live and vibrant again with the world looking all green and friendly.

  • As long as the pride over takes me with a feeling that I am everything, the Almighty leaves me to my play with the Truth appearing to me like a hard rock.. But when I realize there and become humble with a feeling that 'He is All!', instantly the Lord is with me like the mother with her child and my tough moments pass with the same Truth in front of me seen like the soft butter!
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Friday, May 5, 2017


'I want to be 
The Leading man
of my times!'
I thought.. The Inner Voice looked at me and said..
'What's the greatness of that title as you get it when many around volunteer following you without much protest?'

'Okay.. I can be 
The Strong man
in my area!'
I further thought.. The Inner Voice smiled at me and said..
'What's the greatness of that title too as many around you would indirectly be made weak in the process?'

'Leave it.. You can't say anything here.. I'm 
The Brave man 
of my times!'
I firmed up.. My Inner Voice again smiled at me and said..
'What's the greatness of such a title again as many around you have their own legitimate fears?'

'Alright.. Listen.. From my childhood I was told that I'm 
The Intelligent man
in my life!'
I said.. The Inner Voice giggled and said.. 
'Do you call it great when many around you were not blessed to be so?'

'It's my effort here.. I'm the 
The Learned man
of my times!'
I insisted.. The Inner Voice again giggled and said..
'Is it so? You are that because many around you had no such great chances in their life!'

'I am sure I'm 
The Smart man 
of my times!'
I said.. The Inner Voice laughed and said..
'What greatness is again of that title when many around you are simply straightforward?"

'Okay.. It's from others only here.. Can I say that I'm 
The Wise man
of my times?'
I meekly asked.. The Inner Voice laughed much louder and said.. 
'What greatness is of such a title as many around you were of more adjusting type?'

'Done.. But You should agree here.. You yourself saw me as 
The Successful man
of my life!'
I impressed upon.. The Inner Voice burst into the loudest laughter and said..
'Are you really happy? Do you know many around you were deprived of those very opportunities else they could have been much more than you?'

'Then, what can I be to be all by myself?'
I was thinking aloud.. The Inner Voice was totally silent..
Suddenly I felt at my heart for the ‘less’ of the other man in all the above brought out and firmed up to work sincerely in that direction for an improvement..
Instantly the Inner Voice proclaimed..
'Now, you may not be all that but are sure 
The Humble Man 
on the earth all by yourself!'

The humble man

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


He was all along the
  • Proud, 
  • Authoritative, 
  • Demanding, 
  • Asserting and 
  • Never yielding 
man at his work almost through out his career. He implemented strict discipline at work thru' an iron hand and over years there was none who could question him on that discipline.

For such a man too, the D-Day had arrived and he had to retire on that day. No doubt, people who worked with him gave lengthy speeches bringing out their earlier memories of interactions and wished him a happy retired life.

Finally the man had to speak out..

He became emotional but controlled himself and by by putting up a brave smile at length, spoke about his friends, memories, personal interactions, work related issues and further continued..

“No doubt, from tomorrow I may not have busy schedules of this Office any more but as I look at myself, suddenly I find many works around me..

  • I should now register and get my Senior Citizen ID Card.. 
  • I've to make good plans to invest all of my savings.. 
  • I should streamline my pension payment issues.. 
  • I should re-register with our Company for the new Medical benefits.. and 
  • I got to finish few of my personal works pending for quite some time.. 
Sure, no breathing time from tomorrow and don’t know how to handle all these all of sudden!” 
The listeners maintained pin drop silence as the man spoke and ended his talk.

The Function being over, in the next one hr he was put in the company car and was bid a permanent 'BYE!' 

Next to all that noise, further there was simply silence and only silence for a while as the car moved on smoothly with the driver silently doing his job.

After a travel of half hr, the car suddenly got into a heavy traffic jam. All the vehicles came to a halt and there appeared no moving forward at all for a while.

As the man looked out thru' his closed glass window, on to the pavement, he saw a mother consoling her crying child and another lady asking her the reason for the child's crying. The mother was heard saying..

“This boy had school till last week. Now holidays are declared and I planned for him.... but he doesn't want to go there. No prob, he'll be alright soon. You see..

Not having active work is sure a big problem with any one!"

The words straight hit the man as his heart sank for a moment. Keeping a deaf ear to the talk, as the man turned his attention to the other side of the road in between the stationary vehicles, he saw on the pavement there

A rag picker having collected few bits of items and papers from a bin further

Having no work to do, silently sat in a corner gazing at the sky with a blank expression clearly noticed on his face..

There was a message..

"No doubt, you got to be tough at work and get the result but all along the Truth there says that all that glory will an end on a day.

Here, your discipline still would have been the same had you substituted in place of
  • Pride.. Humility
  • Authority.. Motivation
  • Demand.. Quoting the necessicity
  • Assertion.. Expressing the right and
  • The never yielding attitude.. Ever ready to help by the side
and continued thus in your work life. If that were to be the situation, sure you could have felt this moment in your life..

No difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow!

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