Wednesday, May 3, 2017


He was all along the
  • Proud, 
  • Authoritative, 
  • Demanding, 
  • Asserting and 
  • Never yielding 
man at his work almost through out his career. He implemented strict discipline at work thru' an iron hand and over years there was none who could question him on that discipline.

For such a man too, the D-Day had arrived and he had to retire on that day. No doubt, people who worked with him gave lengthy speeches bringing out their earlier memories of interactions and wished him a happy retired life.

Finally the man had to speak out..

He became emotional but controlled himself and by by putting up a brave smile at length, spoke about his friends, memories, personal interactions, work related issues and further continued..

“No doubt, from tomorrow I may not have busy schedules of this Office any more but as I look at myself, suddenly I find many works around me..

  • I should now register and get my Senior Citizen ID Card.. 
  • I've to make good plans to invest all of my savings.. 
  • I should streamline my pension payment issues.. 
  • I should re-register with our Company for the new Medical benefits.. and 
  • I got to finish few of my personal works pending for quite some time.. 
Sure, no breathing time from tomorrow and don’t know how to handle all these all of sudden!” 
The listeners maintained pin drop silence as the man spoke and ended his talk.

The Function being over, in the next one hr he was put in the company car and was bid a permanent 'BYE!' 

Next to all that noise, further there was simply silence and only silence for a while as the car moved on smoothly with the driver silently doing his job.

After a travel of half hr, the car suddenly got into a heavy traffic jam. All the vehicles came to a halt and there appeared no moving forward at all for a while.

As the man looked out thru' his closed glass window, on to the pavement, he saw a mother consoling her crying child and another lady asking her the reason for the child's crying. The mother was heard saying..

“This boy had school till last week. Now holidays are declared and I planned for him.... but he doesn't want to go there. No prob, he'll be alright soon. You see..

Not having active work is sure a big problem with any one!"

The words straight hit the man as his heart sank for a moment. Keeping a deaf ear to the talk, as the man turned his attention to the other side of the road in between the stationary vehicles, he saw on the pavement there

A rag picker having collected few bits of items and papers from a bin further

Having no work to do, silently sat in a corner gazing at the sky with a blank expression clearly noticed on his face..

There was a message..

"No doubt, you got to be tough at work and get the result but all along the Truth there says that all that glory will an end on a day.

Here, your discipline still would have been the same had you substituted in place of
  • Pride.. Humility
  • Authority.. Motivation
  • Demand.. Quoting the necessicity
  • Assertion.. Expressing the right and
  • The never yielding attitude.. Ever ready to help by the side
and continued thus in your work life. If that were to be the situation, sure you could have felt this moment in your life..

No difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow!

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  1. After the stop gap, life again goes on. :)

    1. You are right, Somali.. The adjustment soon follows, life takes a sharp turn and further moves on thus.. Your Comment is truly a tailpiece to the Post!

  2. Only way out maybe to be really looking forward towards that D day will a long To Do list .... The stuff that cannot be done now because the time doesn't permit.
    But too much time may well turn out to be too much!

    1. Yes..Rightly said.. But sure the inevitable in life and a certain positive mental attitude sure supports it.. Thanks for the comment and sorry I missed seeing it in time!

  3. Very well described, a good read.

    1. Employment of mind is more important.

    2. Rightly said, Indrani.. Sure as one engages his/her mind on more important issues of life, this change over will be without any set back of missing something in life.. Thanks for the good comment here and am sorry I missed replying to it in time!

  4. Vicious circle and yet like Indrani rightly said..Employment is a state of mind :)

    1. You said it, Veidehi.. And that state of mind is ultimately nothing but with what aim/motto I spent the max time of my employment.. Thanks for the good comment here!