Wednesday, May 10, 2017


As a Rule bound Manager..

“Mr Vignesh!

Listen to me.. your papers can't be processed further as the rules don't permit this change.. P'lI drop this and get back to your activities.. No more discussions and wasting time on this issue pl!”

When promoted as HOD..

“Mr Suresh! 

Have you forgotten that am the Chief Executive here? If you've any respect for my posting, pl don't argue any more.. When I say this can't be granted, it can't be.. Okay, From now onwards, you are on your job.. Understand?”

As a GM..

“Mr. Ganesh! 

Yaar, you should improve the functioning of your Dept. Work hard and get some good results at least this year. Let your Assistants.. Sorry.. I forgot their names.. Yeah..

Those Suresh and Vignesh..

Let them become better! I've no option other than being after the results for these 2 yrs of my tenure here!”

Immediately after the Superannuation..

“Mr Ganesh! 

I'm just making this call and hope am not disturbing you. I put up my Note File 3 months before my retirement for a 2 year reappointment on Contract basis in our Dept. Shortly, the File would be routed to you. Please okay this and the rest I’ll follow up.. Otherwise, how's life? Hope everything is fine!"

Strengthening the Contract Appointment..

“Mr Suresh! 

"Congrats on your promotion as HOD.. It's good that Mr Ganesh has moved out. You are the right person here.. Sir.. one small request.. My Contract is coming to an end in 3 months and there's provision for one more year of extension. Pl help me out here and I would be totally a help to you in all the new works. By the way, how is the family doing? Convey my wishes for them!” 

Finally, catching the last straw..

“Mr. Vignesh! 

 It's me. I heard that you are In-Charge now. It is a right decision on the behalf of Management.  Sir, One point.. I understand that our Company is interested in hiring few Retired people till the age of 67 years and am interested in this. I would be really helpful to you in your area and that keeps me too engaged at this point of time.. If you help me out here........... By the way, I heard that your son had passed this year with Distinction.. Congrats. He is sure in your footsteps. OK, Sir! Good night and I await for a call from you!”

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