Monday, May 22, 2017


A young man suddenly felt great urge towards Spiritual Life and was very much fascinated by the lives of Ascetics and Saints. He regularly started attending the Spiritual Discourses given around in his area, reading the Spiritual Books found in Libraries and in Reading Centers and getting himself engrossed in all the matters related to Spirituality.

  • “If I can't dance to my own tune, what's the use of this life?"
Thus he used to speak out very often.

The young man's parents were worried. No doubt he got educated and was doing a good job but they expected him to settle in his life. They at length sought the advice of a well-wisher who promised to help them out in that scenario.  Accordingly on a day, the well-wisher met the young man and straight away said,

  • "Dear! Why not we visit the Great Monastery near by......... and seek blessings of the Master of the Sacred Shrine?" 
The young man instantly was thrilled and agreed to go there along with the well-wisher. They both planned a visit of 3 days to the Shrine and in that context made a few travel and lodging arrangements for the same. The well-wisher said,
  • "When we are there for 3 days, let's go through the specific life aspects of the Great Saint which can be a model of living for us!"
And the young man instantly agreed to all that said.
As they thus started going through certain Life Aspects of the Great Saint, they came across a Life Event of the Great Man wherein the Great Saint having totally resigned from the Mundane life and truly leading an Ascetic Life too took up a specific earthly responsibility posed to Him on an occasion.

When the Great Saint was meditating, the Saint’s mother in the last moments of her life was brought by few disciples to the Master. When asked by the Master, the mother feebly replied,

  • "I want to spend my last moments here by resting in your lap!” 
The Master immediately held her, kept her head on His lap and thus rested her for a while. And it so happened that she passed away thus in peace.. Subsequently, the Master asked the disciples to take her body away and do the rest as there was nothing he had to do there further as a Man of Renunciation and thus got back into His Meditation!

At that point of time, the well-wisher looked at the young man, smiled and said,
  • "Dear! Do you see how the Great Saint of the Earth who was totally freed from the mundane life except from traces of it too felt about discharging of His basic responsibility when confronted with a situation thus? That way seen it's a long, long, long way before the mundane responsibilities of ours fall off from us and we are freed.
  • Further, if one who forcibly embraces the Ascetic Life at the back of inherent mundane interests, sure spoils his own life and beyond spoils the Serene Spiritual Environment too around him where he tries to fit in vain!
Then tell me now, what's the true dancing tune of yours at this stage of your life.. Leading a life with the attached core responsibilities or embracing Spiritual Life in total by renouncing all those responsibilities?

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