Tuesday, May 30, 2017


That evening as usual I finished my works and visited the Temple near my home.. I sat there in total attention and as I started offering my heart felt Prayer to God, The Almighty was seen smiling at me saying..

'Daily the Sun rises and heats you to the level you can put up thus preventing you freezing from the otherwise low temperatures around you.. 
Have you Remembered this in the early morning hrs before start of your work and Prayed to the Sun God to continue Bestow that on you eternally?

Mother Earth gives your food exactly in the form you need thus preventing you become extinct in no time..
Have you thanked your Original Mother for the same and started your work with a Promise to be supportive there by not disturbing the Ecological Balance around? 

The winds, clouds and trees around you bring in rains to quench your thirst continuously thus preventing you from becoming dried up the next moment.. 
Were you aware of this Great Phenomenon and thus remained thankful to the Nature around you with a promise regain the Balance lost if any thru' your work? 

The huge oceans, the thick forests and the majestic hills around keep you cool thus preventing you heated up beyond.. 
Have you promised forever not to pollute the Environment beyond thru' the proposed enjoyments of yours for the day beyond your work? 

All the Creation around you work incessantly providing exactly what you need taking away what you don't thus preventing you from becoming unbalanced at any time in your life.. 
Were you thankful to the Creation for being supportive on various Eternal Cycles going on around as you finished your work for the day? 

The man next to you is positioned by Me to be taken care of thru' a Certain Service from you.. 
Have you with all sincerity extended this Service beyond your work so that you become the right personality to live on the Earth with the required stability of mind in all exigencies of life which are part of My Own Leveling built into the so called life on Earth?

Your this moment Prayer is truly meaningful only if you have with all dedication taken care of your part in the day's activities
Before start of your work, 
At your work and 
Beyond completion of your work 
Otherwise never!'

Meaningful Prayer

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