Wednesday, June 21, 2017


“Sir! This is the Offer Letter of my new job. You can see.. For doing almost the same job when I'm getting paid more in the new Company, what's the point in me sticking to this place? Here's my resignation letter.. Please accept it and relieve me at the earliest!"

The Manager said to his Boss with all cool.

“What Mr Ganesh! you are leaving? You never hinted me even once. By the by, What's less here? The work is interesting and prospects are equally good. Where's the need for you to change the job and leave us in the middle? Please think over. We'll see what best can be done for exceptional people like you. Can you give us some time?”

Said the Boss with all seriousness.

“Sir! I agree! But, I am getting higher salary outside for the same work along with growth prospects quite attractive.. At least if I'm suitably compensated to the same level, I can rethink on this!"

“Ok! wait for few days. You've time.. I’ll talk to our Chief and see why you can’t be retained!”

Those few day passed, the Manager's resignation was accepted and in few days, he was relieved. The next day his Assistant was with the Boss..

“Sir! Every one knows that Mr Ganesh was the backbone of the present activities in our Dept. He started all this from scratch and brought to this level. His leaving is sure a big loss for all of us. Why didn’t our Management think of retaining him? For a few extra Rupees, we all feel that we lost such a good and required man in our Department!”

“Yes, Dear! I agree to your point and Our Chief also tried his best to pay the maximum here. More than that we can't compensate him in this case. If he wants more, he has to go!”

“Why so, Sir?”

  • “See.. In business, monies are precious and they are always limited. Our salaries depend not only on our 

but also on the

The annual turnover, 
The Company Orders on the hand and 
Those in the pipeline!

  • All these parameters together alone decide the salary structure in any Company and there would be almost little cushion to accommodate any changes as the worth of the business itself is at that level in the Market.
  • If a man is offered more salary elsewhere means, he is shifting to a business of higher worth where such salaries fit in correctly. So this man’s place from now onwards is in such Companies only and never with us!

  • Whatever may be this gentleman’s worth, our business monies cannot accommodate such a costly man. Instead of becoming useful to us, the next moment onwards he becomes a burden on the Company which indirectly means that 
Our Customers are not interested to pay heavily for such a talented person for their job instead they expect us deliver a quality job thru' better use of the existing talent!

  • Our aim forever is that our business prospers. If he is not there, another one in his place soon struggles and learns to do the work for the same salary or sometimes even for less too. Presently, let that alone be here and nothing else!”
While leaving the Boss smiled and said,

"Don't worry dear! I sensed this long back and already made arrangements for that thru' grooming the next man in his place.  You'll soon see those changes in our Dept!"

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