Tuesday, June 6, 2017


"This Group Head of mine doesn't specify a single activity to be done to the point. He forever talks loose picking up something here and something there and expects us, the Juniors infer in between and take up necessary action. That way, many of us are often confused on what exactly he expects us to do and by mistake if any one of us asks back, this man straight away humiliates him saying,

  • 'You are now a Manager.. Can't you just infer what I meant? If you can't read some one, how do you manage so many trivial issues at your work where the head and tail are never specified and your Client ever expects you to meet the requirement therein to the best of your abilities.
  • Rise to the occasion, dear! Work life can never be so cool as you think. You have to solely perform here else no go. There's no via media of existing at an average level and take salaries!'
Many times, we are fed up with such constant condemnation. Some times I wonder, why at all I got this promotion. Mondays mean forever a dreaded life!

Compared to this, earlier life was so much cool!"

thus was pouring out a young Manger his inner tensions at work to his well-wisher on a Sunday Morning..

The well-wisher listened in full to the young man's saying, paused for a while, smiled and said,

"Dear! I understand what you say. You were given a promotion as Manager and your Company wants to see you as a performing Manager bidding bye to the old style of your working where you were given a specific task and asked to just do that..

No doubt, this is the beginning of such tensions at work and as you move up further the ladder of elevation, this questioning becomes much more tough and you are expected to grasp many things from one single line, take timely decisions and act.

But no worries, that's how a typical work life is defined as the individual goes up the ladder of promotions taking up the ever increasing responsibilities. You may be feeling this strange and odd because earlier as a working/supervising personality, you were never tasked with such jobs by your Management.

But no despair here as that is how our life on the earth too is defined if you take a close look at it.

The Almighty had provided a certain environment around us which if rightly made use of would better our lives but if neglected or misused sooner or later, the results sure will be bad.

To tell you the most interesting fact of our life..

  • The Lord no doubt provided all that for a man to exist at a decent level thru' his/her own effort but never specified what exactly to do in the scenario and how to progress in that context and further never made it clear to man what happens the next moment totally leaving everything to the individual's understanding, planning and the execution.
When you are managing such vibrant life issues so well at the back of a great enthusiasm all along ascertaining yourself within..
  • 'This is my life. I'll make the best out of it and express in the way I want!'
Why are you so much afraid to take up just man made challenges posed to you at your work and instead straight away take with all cool, address and be done away with them?"

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