Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I often do wish that I have a decent communication with my people when I closely interact with them.. Unfortunately most of the times, I end up either

  • Asserting myself more which would have been never required in the situation or
  • The other party taking over the situation insisting me to accept their stand
finally leading to
  • Either of us becoming unnecessarily silent for a long time thru' an inevitable hurt in the minds which is never a healthy sign or
  • Getting into subsequent heated arguments which finally lead nowhere except losing energies and involving in a certain physical hurt.. 
If these are not to happen, what's the best attitude I should adapt in active communication in day to day life in all close circles?"

"Dear! I understand what you say and there's sure a way out here to avoid all such conflicts in our active day to day communications.

Let me talk of only the active communication aspects with members in close circles or with those in circles even though not close can't get away as they have to invariably live face to face from the next moment of any tussle too..

In respect of totally outsiders, many times it's never a big problem as even if uncomfortable the man in discussion surely will smile and quickly get off from the scene as it well known that that is the best way..

Ultimately as peace of mind is the most important thing in our life, a solution in this direction is a must and that is truly possible in any active communication with a close member if all along I remember,
  • My purpose of being in discussion / communication with the member max avoiding such talks where there is no purpose to be met from my side.. 
  • The requirement of being crisp and to the point in my communication without carrying a proud feeling within or an imposing talk from my end to achieve quick results and 
  • Myself getting into the required actions from my end making way for my advising to materialize and thus close the issue unless the other party asks for further details..
In spite of myself sticking to such a discipline too the other party may still
  • Listen with all interest and try to accept it, 
  • Just listen for listening sake and never bother more than that or
  • Straight away protest feeling that as an imposition.. 
All should be equally welcome and whatever, it's better remain silent further on the issue with a smile. In such cases at any time,
  • If explanation is asked, I should just repeat what I have said, 
  • If silence prevails, I should smile and be ready to face that silence or
  • If challenged and forcibly pulled into an argument, I should just bear it remaining calm.. 
If thus done sincerely with full attention, I'm sure, most of our communications forever go smooth of course with the ultimate truth prevailing finally, 

'You may take the horse to waters, but you can't make it drink the water!'

With which I have to live thru' all my life if required!

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