Monday, July 17, 2017


The 5+ yrs had to go for many extra curricular activities at the young age. Naturally those extra activities in school curriculum as well as outside the curriculum were invariably on Sundays and holidays and that way the child was continuously made to involve into all those activities.

For a while, the grandpa felt a lot for the little one struggling to learn/do so many new beyond normal studies and there was a question in him for a while..

'Should the boy be put to that much hardship at that tender age making him tire beyond?'

For a while he was restless and almost decided to discuss his point with the family members to see that the boy was taken off partly from all that additional work load.

At that moment, suddenly, there was a flash in his mind.. And as the old man sat in his easy chair and thought over for a while, slowly a certain message was seen percolating within him..

'Contemporary knowledge/skills are the most important entities in one’s work life.

Any additional knowledge/skill with one away from own specialization is contemporary knowledge/skill assuming that he/she is update in his/her specialization.

Partly, contemporary knowledge/skills are taught up to the class where the schooling ends in one’s life. Rest of this knowledge/skills are acquired through one’s interaction in society and extra interests and this varies from person to person.

One always does one's work through one's specialization the best, no doubt about that. But doing alone is not all. One has to sell his/her work else money will not come.

That selling is a trick and one's basic skill or specialization alone can't do that unless there is less supply and more demand in the market. But most of the times it is definitely the other way in the world; more supply and less demand! So one has to sure create demand and compete in respect of the supply.

May be the quality of work which is out of one's skill alone may limit competition from others to certain extent when pricing and timely deliveries are taken care. But surely creation of demand depends upon one's skills of social interactions and all knowledge in that direction to the maximum.. And here only the contemporary knowledge/skills sure play a definite role!

The Employer may primarily take up the task of creating the demand but he/she definitely expects his Employee to assist in this. Therefore, an Employee does not have much choice in that!

So, next time when children are seen involving in anything beyond studies, pause and think.

That requirement is sure part and parcel of the coming up in life well, of course with the core specialization as base.. And that expression is never a waste in one's life!'

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