Friday, July 7, 2017


The young man who newly joined a Company had only two important activities with him for a while in respect of the Motto of his Company Viz.,

'The Customer is an important person in our premises!'

Reproduce those words in all the examinations his Department had conducted and repeat that in front of his Boss to impress upon him..

In 3 yrs time, he was made the Group In-Charge and had to deal with the Customer along with his Boss a few times.. The discussions and the impositions from the Client soon made him firm up in his mind that..

'The Customer is not just the important person but a VIP too in our Premises!'

In the next 4 yrs, he took over as Manager in his Department.. Soon, he had to face some tense moments in his new Role with the Customer on few occasions.. That made him re define his earlier Concept Viz.,

'The Customer is not just a VIP but indirectly a King too in our Premises!'

And equally say that in front of his Sub-ordinates whenever he was with them..

Thus passed some years.. The then man of forties had changed his Company and taken up the Senior Executive Role in the new Company operating in a much fierce competitive environment..

He almost had some sleepless nights over the never ending Customer's questioning and the Boss commenting on his new Role.. It was soon a 'Do or Die' situation for him and the Senior Official in no time accepted the 2nd Company's Motto..

'The Customer is a King in our Premises!'

a 100% in his heart.. And thus moved his life for the next 10 years..

On a good day, he was promoted to the Post of General Manager of his Company at the back of his valuable contributions at work.. The new GM reiterated in his inaugural speech at the back of valuable experience in dealing with tough Customers of his Company saying..

'The Customer is not just a King but some times more than a King too in our Premises!'

Time never stopped and soon on a fateful day, the GM was asked to go from the Company due to failure on his behalf in respect of timely deliveries from the Company to the sensitive long standing Customers resulting in certain Customer dissatisfaction.. And that was truly a bad experience for him for a while and from then on

'Forget about more than a King, the Customer sometimes is like the God in our Premises!'

had become his firm thinking. No need to say, he got his Posting again as GM of the Rival Company.. Soon he was again in limelight and his new Company made him its CEO in the next 2 years..

The CEO had the toughest time of walking on the razor's edge in satisfying the Company's Clients.. But his vast experience in the field had truly helped him there to tide over every crisis and he thus became a successful man in his Mission ultimately..

Thus towards the end of his Career, the seasoned CEO ultimately believed a 100% in his 3rd Company's Motto Viz.,

'The Customer is God in our Premises!'

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