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A young man got into a new but a mediocre job which never payed him much and he equally could not shift to another job too immediately as the Employers preferred a certain work experience from his end.. He was not satisfied with his immediate earnings and wanted to boost the same thru' an indirect business continuing his job and accordingly decided to venture into a small business all by himself afresh.

As he had no experience in the field, some one told him to take advice from one who was well known in the field but actively not doing any business in that line. When contacted, the man advised him on how and where to invest his finances. 3 months passed and on a fine day, the young man incurred a big loss and instantly found that one fourth of his investment gone at a single stroke.

A close friend told him that the previous Adviser might have been tipped by the big man in the field and so it would be always better to get a second independent opinion, average out and decide in all such ventures. And the young man had no way other than go for it. Another 3 months passed. It looked worked, but still there was a loss in the business and after all calculations the young man found that he lost an additional of one eighth of his investment.

Another friend advised him to take 2 such additional opinions in the field from two independent parties and decide based on the average of the three and the young man had no go again but to follow that. Next, six months passed thus. He was stable for a while, initially certain loss was there but of negligible percentage and soon profits showed up in small numbers.

A third friend advised him always to average out the best opinions available around and act. The young man soon followed that. But the success was again limited as the profits too averaged out.

Finally a well-wisher advised him to go to the man who was a Stalwart in the field and take his advice. The young man accordingly went to him, got the advice and returned.

And thereafter, he consistently made sizable monies in his life without a break!

What did the Stalwart in the field advice him in that context?

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