Tuesday, July 18, 2017


A dad had a peculiar problem.

  • When he was authoritative, his growing children used to be obedient and follow his advice and instructions but in that scenario he used to feel 'bad' that he was harsh to them.. 
  • The moment he became lenient, there used to be chaos and some order lost and in the process as a responsible father, he once again needed to correct them and that correction invariably used to be again through authority alone.. 
Thus he was feeling sad and could never understand the right way of action in that context. One fine day, he discussed the same with an elderly well-wisher and at length sought a right solution to his problem.

The elderly wise man listened to him, smiled and said,

“Dear! I understand your sensitivity here but whatever be your reaction, you agree that you have to do the ultimate good to your family.

The children are bound to listen to you if you insist in the right way as that alone is good for them. But along with this, your harshness and forceful thrusting may come up without yourself knowing it. And that should definitely be avoided here.

There if you are lax beyond at the back of an emotional feeling in you of not disturbing their relaxation, your people soon try skipping over the right and that's never good to them at any point of time in their life..

So, your day to day exercise should be..
  • Hold the reigns and be tough but only for a specific period in a day and 
  • When it's time to relax, truly relax without a feeling that you should maintain a distance to do this management, simply be with them and communicate heart to heart.
And your discipline again starts the next day without fail!

Thus move on in this life at this stage cyclically following the discipline of being strict, listening, strict, listening, strict etc whatever be your feelings out of your emotional attachment and manage the day to day activities in the right direction!"

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