Thursday, July 20, 2017


A young man was truly confused as the Great Sayings and what the Great Men a few times spoke of in that context were exactly found to be opposite like..

  • ‘Save enough finances for future as you earn since it's your primary duty in this world!’
And the opposite
  • ‘You should spend reasonable monies on good living and on Charity as these are bounden duties with you!’
  • ‘Eat well and thus maintain a good health!’
And the opposite
  • ‘Eat frugal and fast yourself to purify!’
  • ‘Work hard as it is a Sacred Duty with you!’ 
And the opposite
  • ‘Do Meditation all along and be at Peace!’
etc..etc.. Finally on a day, he came across a story of a Great Saint Himself to protect a robber said to the Security Guards,
  • 'I did the robbery!'
When all along the Great Saying ever on the anvil was
  • 'Speak the Truth!'
That was sure seen as the limit to his confusion, the next day he approached the Head of the Monastery in his neighborhood and sincerely sought the clarification on his doubt..

'How come one would develop faith in such scenario when the Great Men themselves spoke/did the opposite?' 

The Head smiled and said,

“Dear! What appeals to you is not That!”

The man looked at the Senior Personality on the matters unable to make out head and tail of what He spoke. The Head continued,
  • “What appeals to you is always out of a self interested thought as that basically protects an individual and Mother Nature has instilled this protection in all living beings for basic survival. The animal instinct may okay it's requirement 
  • Human considerations should necessarily rise above this level as the Purpose of Human Birth is entirely different with each individual sure involving in a certain self negation however small it may be in his/her life and thus rise in this one precious life in front. 
The very sign of this rising is nothing but living with a certain attention in one's life wherein this appealing would constantly be checked/questioned and clearly distinguished from the need in front.

Thus as you live your further life, the Clarity that comes thru' in you will itself guide you further and you will surely be knowing at every instant, what to do and what not to do without a single doubt!”

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