Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The telephone rang up.. 
  • “Hello, Sir! How are you? Yeah! Going on.. No problem.. It's good you rang up now. I was totally out of mood today. At least a talk with you makes me better. You know.. The issue.. Yes, yes.. That one is really bothering me these days.. 
  • Sir! I collected all the documents required and submitted. But still they say, some more are required. I see no end to this talk. I tell you, if they really want to look into my issue, it can be done in no time. In fact, mine is a straight forward case. 
  • One day, there was a promise that it would surely be done by the next day. I went there with lot of hope at the promised hour. But the person was on leave. None could do anything.
  • Another day, the same hope was there and the man was there too. But he referred me to some other person who was not in station on that day. 
  • OK, I waited.. That man came back and wanted some time to answer me. And you know, it's a week since he told me that and there's absolutely no call from him! 
  • I don’t know why this happens.. These days, 'True Values' are not respected at all and that type of 'Work Culture' had entered everywhere. 
  • How nice it would be if every one pays a little more attention and cares a little for the man at the receiving end! It's really a sad part of our life. OK, Sir! Bye.. We will talk later!”
There was some silence for a while. Again the phone rang up..
  • “Hello.. Yes! Please.. Speaking..You are?...... OK, what's the matter?...... Yes, yes…I told you clearly yesterday that your job needs one week time. And why do you ring up now? 
  • Yes! Our Rules may say two working days. But that's only on paper. Actually there will be so many other issues never seen by the Rule Maker. That's why it takes time. 
  • You see, we too are humans and there is a limit for us. I'm already struggling with many problems here and you are adding your problem. And don’t waste my time now like this. I tell you clearly.. I have to check many things before okaying your issue. It may take more time and I say, I needn't stick to what I promised. 
  • Please wait.. And don’t go on disturbing me in my busy hours. Keep the phone down and wait till you hear from me!”

Keywords: Work Culture, Values

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