Thursday, August 10, 2017


A man simply believed 'Beyond' in a situation in front. In no time, his 'Belief' was questioned / threatened to some extent. For a while, he got confused and was unhappy not knowing the reason for it.

He tried to question 'The Other Man in Picture' in a soft way. 'That Man' had 'No Go' and had to say politely,

  • 'Sorry for troubling you. But my interests are different and tell me shouldn't I live my life out of that freedom?'
Forced to agree with what the other man had said but invariably hurt within, he tried to see if there was anything he could do with the 'Material' involved in the 'Process of his Belief.' But soon he found there too
  • The 'Material' remaining 'Inert' with no change feasible!
Finally, he looked at himself, the 'Believer' and straight away put a question to himself,

“Why did I believe here 'Beyond?'”

There was an instant Answer and he was lucky to perceive That.

“Yes! That was the 'Mistake' done by you.

  • An 'Experience of Earlier Times' which never belonged to the 'Present' but 'Similar in Nature' and gave a 'Positive Result' firmed up a 'Belief' in you that if the 'Same actions' are repeated again, the results would sure be 'Positive!' 
But in the process, you had forgotten that
  • 'The Man' and 'The Material' 
In picture, even though had a 'Reference' to the 'Original' belonged to the 'Present' and

Thus your 'Repetition' of the 'Same Actions' at this point of time gave not the 'Positive Results' of 'Pleasure' but only a 'Certain Pain!'

The man instantly felt better and firmed in himself,

“Yes! From now onwards, I try to discipline myself and act in such a way that

  • The 'Present' alone guides me as much as possible 
  • The 'Past' remains as 'Reference of Knowledge' at the back interfering least with the 'Present!' 
Thus done, I would many times be coming up with
  • A 'New Experience' in my life which may be 'Bitter' on the face of it 
  • Sure embedded with 'Peace' and 'Harmony' at the core which ultimately give a 'Meaning' to my life 
As the 'Comparisons' are very much minimized in such a 'Scenario!'

Keywords: Past, Knowledge, Present, Action

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