Thursday, August 3, 2017


I always carry a wish with me and will constantly be trying to implement my plan in my life to satisfy the wish. In parallel exists a Greater Wish and a Greater Plan in this Universe and the Almighty Takes Care of that!

Whenever there is a contradiction between my wish and God's Plan, it sure results in confusion and sorrow. Thus seen, it's ever my duty that I take cognizance of the Greater Wish and Greater Plan and as I busy myself with my wish and my plan.

But my mind is sure such a fickle entity with me which sooner or later makes me forget this Truth, propels me to rule as if I am all and makes me content with a lip prayer offered to the Lord as a ritual at the end of each day.

No doubt, it's humanly impossible to bring my 'wish and plan' close to the Almighty’s 'Wish and Plan' but I can definitely start working for it as ultimately there alone lies my Sacred Duty. And that Duty basically comprises of
  • Taking care of my physical body well.. 
Without which all my wishes and plans have to be straight away put into cold storage at one stroke,
  • Myself playing safe to the best of my abilities.. 
Without which I at this point of time may wish and plan meticulously but accidents happen only once in life,
  • Working for my living..
Without which all my wishes and plans will sure carry the curse of the hard working souls of the world who indirectly support me there,
  • Taking care of my family needs..
Without which many of my wishes and plans ever linked to my family welfare and never less of that at any time are sure at stake,
  • Working for a good social rapport..
Without which my wishes and plans can never go thru' smooth as people around me ever support in that task and
  • Doing the rest of the activities which more or less confirm to my own Nature but surely result in welfare of the other man with a heartfelt Prayer offered to the Lord at the end of each day..
Without which my wishes and plans can never start rising towards the Greater Wish and Greater Plan of the Almighty!Doing these works with all sincerity, basically sure establishes certain stability in my life.
  • Rest depends on my own personality the back ground of which is truly unknown to me at this moment and further to say that the same cannot be altered through any known method to me 
Unless the Lord's Grace Descends on me!

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