Thursday, December 21, 2017


The gentleman was in a total relaxing mode that Sunday morning hrs over a cup of coffee with his friend who made a casual visit to his place sitting in his spacious balcony of his Apartment built by No 1 Builders of the City in the otherwise busy area. He said,


  • The price of this my Apartment in this area goes around..... Crores and further none of the residents want to sell their flat as it forever has it's own unique importance in the Real Estate world..
  • No 1 class facilities are here in respect of 24 hr water supply, sanitation and electricity with generator back up..
  • Step out of the Complex, you are into the busiest main road of the city and you've to just name the item, it's available at a stone's throw in the near by shops..
  • The construction itself is a class of its own with the best materials going into it with the right skills of labor put in at the back of stringent supervision of all the works..
  • 10 yrs after occupation too the building stands as the one made yesterday!
I've a small work to do.. As my driver is on leave, we'll hire the luxury cab for half day, go round and finish our works.. By then lunch will be ready!"

In the next few minutes, the gentleman booked the taxi and the 2 friends started waiting near the usual pick up point inside the Complex. The taxi turned up a bit late..

"Sorry for the delay, Sir! I was a bit late for my duty as I had to shift my residence yesterday!"

Said the 35+ driver politely. Soon the two got into the car and the driver moved on but successively made 2 mistakes in going out..

"What dear? You appear to be experienced. Never came here before?"

The gentleman asked with a smile. the driver said politely,

"Sir! I'm the oldest visitor to this Apartment Complex!"

"What? You know the place and you are making these mistakes.. Is everything okay?"

"Yes, Sir! 15 yrs I worked with a Construction Company who were the then contractors for this Apartment Complex.

  • I used to bring sand, cement, bricks and other construction materials regularly to the Complex in my lorry..
  • A few times, when water was in shortage, I brought drums of water from outside..
  • Two of my brothers were construction laborers here..
  • Transporting in and out the workers was my other job..
  • We worked with full dedication for an year here and moved on to the other construction sites!
Recently few months back, I switched over to my present Cab Company. As cab driver after the Apartment's finish,

Today I'm the first visitor here to take you in my car!"

The two men remained silent further and the driver too silently kept his attention on the road. Suddenly the friend asked,

"You said you shifted your residence, yesterday? What for?"


  • The house was too small and beyond the owner started demanding higher rent. 
  • Further he was not ready to repair the roof leaking problem. 
  • 2 days before our shifting, he cut off the water and power supply to the house and I was forced to vacate.. 
  • Presently, I shifted to a near by similar house and I've yet to see the problems there but it appears with the monies we are ready to spend on our accommodations, we can't have a better choice.. 
  • Here my brothers too living in the same area have similar problems!"

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